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Smart Express Velour Fibre Repair Kit


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This fibre kit enables repair to velour and most other fabrics and will mend cigarette burns, snags, pulls, small cuts and tears.

This kit includes the following items:

  • 22 pots of Velour fibres
  • Needle set (includes 3 curved needles and 2 Loopuyts needles as well as beeswax, marking chalk and threads, organised in a foam holder)
  • Yellow repair mesh
  • Razor blades
  • Repair foam 
  • Fibre fill
  • Wire brush
  • Compact scissors
  • Curved stainless steel tweezers
  • Paintbrush
  • Pallet knife
  • Atomiser
  • Three 2oz plastic mixing jars
  • Leather and fabric glue (#695)
  • Welder's glue
  • Flock spray adhesive (#850)
  • Carry case with detachable lid

Refills for Velour fibre can be found here.