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  • £7.79

    Perfection Single Edge Razor Blades (x100)


    This pack of single sided blades can be used as a stand alone item or will fit most single edged blade holders. Includes 100 blades.

  • £7.31

    Perfection Safety Blade Cutters, Sheeting Knives (Pack of 10)


    Safety blade cutters, sheeting knives are suitable to be used on most products that are thin enough to fit into the gap.

  • £32.14

    Workshop Warehouse 5 "Zippy" Type Scrapers (with 5 Blades)

    Workshop Warehouse

    Scrapers are supplied with 5 single-edge steel razor blades.

  • £3.26

    Workshop Warehouse 10 Trimming Knife Blades [H/Duty Only]

    Workshop Warehouse

    Heavy duty trimming knife blades. Sold in pack of 10.

  • from £1.18

    StarChem Snap Off Knife


    Snap off knife with retractable blade. Choose between the 9mm or 18mm width blade.

    from £1.18
  • £4.81

    Perfection Blade Holder For Single Edged Blades


    Single sided blade holder. Please see part no SARB-100 for pack of 100 blades for this tool.