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Panel Repair

  • £1,201.26

    GYS Plastic Welder and Welding Station


    The easy-to-use hot air plastic welding station is designed to weld vehicle plastic parts. Adjustable temperature range (160-480ºC) raises the temp...

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  • £194.40

    Power Tec Cold Glue Dent Pulling Kit PDR

    Power Tec

    An innovative PDR dent pulling kit that uses cold glue rather than hot glue. With only the heat from the user's hands required to prep the glue for...

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  • £822.00

    KECO LED Cordless PDR Strip Light with Battery and Charger (17")


    From the makers of the Original PATENTED Cordless LED Light. Comes a whole new light. Used by Mike Broughton to win the 2015 International Glue Pul...

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  • £2,762.40
  • £21.23

    KECO Kovax Tolecut Dry-Sanding Block


    Toleblock provides a rigid backing for Tolecut 8-Cut Sheets. Toleblock is suitable for more specific nibs and imperfections in the finishing process.

  • £46.66

    KECO Level 2E GPR System Cover


    Secure Fit - Designed specifically for the KECO Collision Center Cart (KECO-L2E) Easy Installation - Tailored fit ensures removing and installi...

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  • £5,874.00

    KECO Level 2E GPR Collision System


    KECO's L2E is the most comprehensive glue pull repair system available to body shop technicians. This system includes the industry's best lifting t...

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  • £3,474.00

    KECO Level 1 GPR Collision System with Workstation


    The KECO Level 1 Collision System is one of the most value packed glue pull repair kits available to body shop technicians today. This kit includes...

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  • £40.80

    KECO Hawg Orange PDR Glue Sticks (Pack of 10)


    KECO's HAWG Orange Moto PDR Glue is a high strength PDR glue best for moderate to hot temperatures. Sold as pack of 10.

  • £36.00

    KECO Burro Cactus Green Hot PDR Glue Sticks (Pack of 10)


    Burro Cactus Green - these PDR glue sticks have been the tried and true, all-weather dent removal glue sticks trusted by paintless dent repair tech...

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  • £84.00

    KECO Blue Glue Tabs (Variety Pack of 16)


    These glue pulling tabs are made out of KECO Blue Material. They are available in several different shapes and sizes to meet your GPR needs. The ta...

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  • £77.94

    KECO Dead Centre Blue Straight and Curve Crease Tabs (Variety Pack of 18)


    Dead Center® Crease Tabs’ face thickness and neck diameters are engineered to transfer lifting power to the center of the tab. This design creates ...

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  • £222.42

    KECO Robo Precision Mini Dent Lifter


    Precision Robo® Minit Dent Lifter prevents over-pulling with a broad base that holds down the metal around precision hail and dent pulls. Built wit...

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  • £231.43

    KECO Robo Mini Dent Lifter


    The KECO Robo® Mini Lifter is one of the most popular glue pulling tools in use by professional PDR techs today. The adjustable and rotating feet ...

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  • £25.80

    KECO Flex Collision PDR Glue Sticks (Pack of 10)


    Cam Auto Pro Glue is a high-strength, slow-acting glue ideal for large and complex dents. Slow and Flexible - ideal for large and complex dents ...

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  • £71.92

    KECO Dead Centre Round Blue Finishing Glue Tabs (Variety Pack of 20)


    KECO's Dead Center® Finishing Tabs’ face thickness and neck diameters are engineered to transfer lifting power to the center of the tab. This desig...

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  • £952.80

    KECO 36" Light Board with Stand (12V)


    Lightweight Durable 36" x 8" Shop Light - gives maximum light and visibility for automotive collision repair, bodywork, and detailing Single St...

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  • £300.00

    KECO Slide Hammer with 2 Adapters


    The KECO 2.5lb Slide Hammer (black) was designed with the tech’s who use our products every day in mind. Ergonomics and adjustability give this sli...

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  • £139.50

    KECO Replacement Stuckey Battery for Mini Light


    Replacement Stuckey Batteries for XL Light and Glue Gun or Mini Light. Comes with charger.

  • £142.28

    KECO Rubber Tip Rod (24 x 3/8")


    Tool Shaft Diameter: 3/8″Tool Length: 24″Tip: Rubber tip

  • £127.72

    KECO 1/2" Screw-on Tip (Set of 6)


    A45 - 1/2" 6-pc screw-on tip set: 1" & 2" extensions 1" soft tip 1" medium tip 1" pencil point 3/4" rubber tip 4-A35 push-on caps 4-A36 push-...

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  • £43.84
  • £11.99

    KECO GPR Cleaning & Release Solution with Atomiser (500ml)


    GPR Cleaning & Release Solution w/ Atomiser.For cleaning and preparing surfaces and releasing adhesives for Glue Pull Repair.500ml

  • £36.67

    KECO Dentcraft Window Guard XL (10 x 22")


    Lexan Window Shield Laminated with velvet to protect against scratching the glass10" X 22"

  • £110.48

    KECO Dentcraft 20" Ultra Thin Whale Tail - 1/2" Tip


    Dentcraft Whale Tails are named for their shape, similar to the shape of a whale's tail. This unique shape gives the tool the ability to go half un...

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  • £160.62

    KECO Gang Green Smooth Series Tabs (Variety Pack of 32)


    The Smooth Series Tabs just got even BETTER! These Gang Green tabs are stronger in every way and have exceptional adhesion to give INCREDIBLE pulls...

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