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  • £10.74

    Smart Express Velour Fibre

    Smart Express

    Velour is a plush fabric, a bit like velvet, and is often used in car upholstery. Upholstery can get ripped or burned with cigarettes and if this h...

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  • £14.18

    Morelli Group Velour Top Spray Adhesive (250ml)

    Morelli Group

    Velour top spray adhesive, use this when flocking/blending out fibres.

  • £11.94

    Smart Express Individual Velour Pack

    Smart Express

    Velour sold in individual bags for interior repair, with a range of 22 colours. Can be purposed as "refill" packs for MSR-860.

  • £522.00

    Smart Express Velour Fibre Repair Kit

    Smart Express

    This fibre kit enables repair to velour and most other fabrics and will mend cigarette burns, snags, pulls, small cuts and tears. This kit includes...

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