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Drying and Infra Red

  • from £3.54

    More Tools Blow Gun Range

    More Tools

    Painter's Blow Guns for air dusting. Three nozzle lengths 20mm, 100mm and 300mm.

    from £3.54
  • £467.88

    Scangrip Nova-UV S


    The Scangrip Nova-UV S is an extremely powerful, rechargeable LED flood light with a slim and handy design and a long operating time for larger cur...

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  • £191.88

    Scangrip UV-Light


    The Scangrip UV-Light is a flexible, rechargeable LED hand-held torch ideal for small and medium cure areas. Designed with a sturdy turnable hook a...

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  • £1,499.88

    Scangrip UV LED Gun


    Scangrip UV LED Gun paint curing lamp is the latest paint curing technology from Scangrip. This is the biggest lamp in their range and is designed ...

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  • £5,034.00

    Morelli Group Twin Wheel Spray Booth

    Morelli Group

    Spray or cure wheels or other parts in one place in order to save taking up booth space and wasting fuel. To be extracted outside via fixed or flex...

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    Perfection Blowjet Paint Dryer


    Fan action blow gun with 16 outlets. Creates fan for dusting or drying jobs. Adjustable regulator to control airflow.

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    More Tools Air Mover On Stand

    More Tools

    Two individual blow jets on a handy stand. Fully adjustable to recover required drying area. Perfect for cosmetic and spot repairs.

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