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Interior Repair Equipment

  • £10.20

    Preval Unit and Bottle


    In one sentence, the Preval Sprayer is a professional grade spray system that is for countless applications, disposable, recyclable, easy to clean ...

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  • £1.02

    Morelli Group Hard Yellow Plastic Compound Spreader

    Morelli Group

    Particularly designed for use with interior fillers. Profile of spreader aids the shaping around fabric contours. Top of spreader is nicely shaped ...

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  • £88.44

    Gliptone Leather Repair Gun


    Gliptone Leather Repair Gun designed for two part leather repair cartridges such as Latex Mould Former LAT2 from Gliptone. The applicator gun pushe...

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  • £4.20

    Morelli Group Scissors

    Morelli Group

    High density, stainless steel scissors, for general use. Ideal for fabric and interior.

  • £5.94
  • £29.94

    Morelli Group Velour Sifter (Battery Operated)

    Morelli Group

    A battery-operated sifter for interior velour fibres.

  • £8.34

    Morelli Group Glass Coated Sheet (4'' X 4'' )

    Morelli Group

    Top quality non stick PTFE coated glass cloth sheets used for heater press applications.

  • £1.26

    Morelli Group 2inch Foam Brush (50mm)

    Morelli Group

    Foam brushes are used to apply paint product as smoothly as possible without leaving brush marks in the finished application. Good for applying int...

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  • £24.00