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Bodyshop Equipment

  • £102.00

    Moretools 4 Wheel Painting Stand

    More Tools

    Holds 4 wheels securely whilst prepping and painting. Wheels can be rotated on the stand. Stand is fully mobile whilst in use. Essential for any bo...

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  • from £3.54

    More Tools Blow Gun Range

    More Tools

    Painter's Blow Guns for air dusting. Two nozzle lengths 20mm and 300mm. NOTE: Blow gun shown in centre is unavailable.

    from £3.54
  • £34.74

    More Tools Leg Trestle

    More Tools

    1000mm wide foam protected top rails. Adjustable for height and working width using chain. Superb value light use trestle.

  • £7.20

    Slim's Detailing 1lt Dual Action Trigger Sprayer

    Slim's Detailing

    This dual action trigger spray not only sprays when the trigger is pressed, but also on release, applying twice as much product in one pull of the ...

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  • £9.00

    Slim's Detailing Kneeling Mat

    Slim's Detailing

    Take the strain off kneeling, lying or sitting on cold floors when working in the bodyshop. Made from extra thick dual density foam with a durable ...

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  • £170.40

    Anest Iwata Infrared Lamp (1.0kw)

    Anest Iwata

    Anest Iwata 1.0KW Infrared lamp with stand, perfect for spot repair drying. Short Wave Infrared lamp, 220/240 Volt 1KW, 50Hz Single Phase - 4.25 amps.

  • £156.00

    More Tools Panel Stand

    More Tools

    The Moretools panel stand is a bodyshop staple, an ideal stand for holding 95% of panels up to medium sized bonnets. Panels are mounted on four hoo...

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  • £78.00

    More Tools Large Trestle

    More Tools

    1100mm wide foam protected top rail. Ideal for use on gridded floors. Adjustable for height and working width using side chains.

  • £68.40

    Slim's Detailing Handy Seat with 3-Drawer Storage

    Slim's Detailing

    A new addition to the Slim’s accessories range is this shiny new, Slim’s stool with built-in storage, ideal for detailing, mechanics, fitters, and...

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  • £252.00

    EZ Roller-Spinner Universal Wheel

    Morelli Group

    Have you had a problem with a car being stuck in park or with no power? The EZ Roller-Spinner is a universal wheel that provides a unique one of a ...

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    Original price £838.80
    Current price £718.80

    Morelli Group Headlight Beam Setter

    Morelli Group

    The Headlamp Beam setter is suitable for cars, motorcycles & light commercial vehicles. Quick and easy to use on all types of headlights inclu...

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    Original price £838.80
    Current price £718.80
    Save 14%
  • £398.59

    Fast Mover Rotating Universal Panel Stand

    Fast Mover

    The Fast Mover Universal Panel Stand accomodates panels from any production car, capable of handling doors, tailgates, bonnets, and wings. Thanks t...

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  • £7,222.50

    Texa 780R Bi-Gas Touch Dual Service Station + Startup Kit


    Texa's 780R Dual Service Station is both a diagnosis and service station, with its entire service procedure is completely automatic thanks to herme...

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  • £1,548.00

    Fast Mover Mobile Infrared Paint Dryer

    Fast Mover

    Mobile 3KW 240V infrared paint dryer with timer. Reduces drying time and curing process, and increasing efficiency with lower costs. The short wave...

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  • £1,584.00

    Unic Edition35 Compact Water Based Spray Gun Cleaner


    Product download available here. Main Features Timed operation Automatic wash mini blue filter Cleaner fluid, cleaner spray guns Up to 75% increas...

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  • £1,611.60

    Unic Manual Water Based Spray Gun Cleaner


    Product download available here. Main Features Ergonomic working height Manual wash with flow through brush Air blow gun Manual clean rinse Fluid...

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  • £238.80


    Morelli Group

    The GUNIWHEEL™ 45S is a universal bolt-pattern shop wheel, used as an alternative to jack stands and other mounting systems: keeps vehicles in a mo...

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  • £50.34

    Sealey Wheel Fitting and Alignment Tool


    Sealey's Wheel Fitting and Alignment Tool is manufactured from high-quality stainless steel, with a polypropylene and TPV rubber soft-grip handle f...

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  • £32.09

    Koch-Chemie RKR/RKB Cleaning Clay

    Koch Chemie

    The Koch-Chemie Reinigungsknete Cleaning Clay will competently clear your vehicle of debris such as tree resin, insects, dust, spray mist, tar and ...

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  • £33.60

    Koch-Chemie Venus Pro Super 360, 1.5lt

    Koch Chemie

    The Koch-Chemie 1.5lt Venus Pro Super 360 is a stylish sprayer designed mainly for professional usage. Ideal for professionals such as cleaning com...

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  • £90.00

    Koch-Chemie Orion Pro Sprayer, 6lt

    Koch Chemie

    Koch-Chemie Orion Pro Sprayer is pump-charged for use with all liquids, holding up to 6 litres in capacity. Its Viton seals promote long-life and c...

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  • £75.84

    Festool Dust Bags FIS-SR 202 (Pack of 5)


    Festool dust bags for for SR 202, SR 212, SRH 204, SR 200, SR 201, SR 203.

  • £45.46

    Festool Absolute Filter AB-FI/C 486241


    Festool filter for SR 6, SR 12, SR 14, SR 202, SR 203, SR 212, SR 301, SR 302, SR 303.

  • £1,528.68

    Scangrip UV LED Gun


    Scangrip UV LED Gun paint curing lamp is the latest paint curing technology from Scangrip. This is the biggest lamp in their range and is designed ...

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  • £23.95

    Festool Filter Bag (Pack of 5)


    Festool Filter Bags are made from a stronger weave making them durable and resistant to a blow-out when compared to paper dust bags. Thanks to the...

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  • £189.59

    Slim's Detailing Promax 4-Way Doser

    Slim's Detailing

    This is the perfect addition for anyone looking for the perfect dilution every time with no spills and removing human error. Once set up, this dose...

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  • £34.98

    Slim's Detailing Adjusting Mechanical Stool

    Slim's Detailing

    The Slim's Detailing Adjusting Mechanical Stool features a swivel action seat with branded padded cushion for added comfort and a lever operated ...

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  • £131.88

    Scangrip Tripod


    The SCANGRIP Tripod is designed for stationary positioning of the work light in a workspace. The Tripod is extendable from 1.35m to 3m, giving you ...

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  • £119.92

    Scangrip Wheel Stand


    The Scangrip Wheel Stand is designed for the mobile positioning of a Scangrip light in the workspace. The stand is on wheels so it is easy to move ...

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  • £14.04

    StarChem Trimming Knives, Pack of 10


    Pack of 10 trimming blades.

  • £103.56

    Hanzl Multiline Module 1 Part Metal


    This Hanzl Multiline Module is a flexible, hygienic dispenser for your Hanzl Multiline products. Made from durable materials - strong polycarbonate...

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  • £28.30
  • £943.20

    Morelli Group Four Wheel Prep and Paint Stand

    Morelli Group

    Mobile stand, perfect for prep and painting up to four wheels. Can hold wheel sizes up to 22inch . Handles on side for ease of movement, with stopp...

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  • £23.62

    Perfection Blowjet Paint Dryer


    Fan action blow gun with 16 outlets. Creates fan for dusting or drying jobs. Adjustable regulator to control airflow.

  • £47.94

    More Tools Heavy Duty 2M x 2M Welding Blanket

    More Tools

    2m x 2m Welding Blanket. Protects against welding and grinding sparks. Saves upholstery, glass and trim. 880g thick fibre-glass blanket. Hem sewn w...

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  • £44.40

    More Tools Spare Gun For Air Mover

    More Tools

    Two individual blow jets on a handy stand. Fully adjustable to recover required drying area. Ideal for speeding up the drying of waterbased paints....

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