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  • £14.66

    Perfection Standard Thinner (5ltr)


    Standard thinner - 5 litre size.

  • £24.12

    Perfection Premium Thinners (5L)


    5 litre of Perfection Premium Thinner.

  • £32.82

    Lechler Macrofan UHS Fade Out Blender


    Lechler Macrofan UHS Fade Out Blender is specifically designed for use with 2K UHS Lacquer. This blender, allows a complete result in the fading ar...

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  • £21.85

    Lechler Fade Out Blender


    Lechler Fade Out Blender is a mixture of special resins, additives, and solvents designed to blend and uniform fade-out in refinishing with solvent...

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  • from £16.22

    Lechler Hydrofan Thinner


    Lechler HF900 standard thinner suitable for use with Hydrofan paint range of products available from Smart Express. Available in 1 Litre or 5 Litres.

    from £16.22
  • £43.56

    Standox Deionised Water


    Standohyd thinner for use with Standox product range. 5 litre.

  • £5.40

    Smart Express WB Primer Thinner

    Smart Express

    Smart Express WB primer thinner. Available in 250ml or 1 Litre.