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  • £8.18

    Perfection Car & Room Sanitising Bombs


    Perfection Sanitiser Bombs are a one use total release sanitiser to fog an area, laying a sanitiser down on all surfaces in that space. Depress but...

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  • £37.54

    Hanzl STOP IT Hand Protection Barrier Cream


    Hanzl STOP IT Hand Protection Barrier Cream is designed to protect against paints, grease, oil, solvents, tar, varnishes, adhesives, lacquers and a...

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  • £30.00

    Swarfega 4 Litre Dispenser


    Manual 4L dispenser for Swarfega hand cleaner.

  • £56.36

    Hanzl Hanolac Special Hand Cleaner (2 Litre)


    Hanzl Hanolac is a preservative-free and fragrance-free cleansing cream paste for stubborn dirt and grime. The hand cleaner contains plastic scrubb...

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  • £64.04

    Swarfega Orange Hand Cleaner For Dispenser 4lt


    Swarfega Orange Hand Cleaner is solvent free and is a rich, creamy lotion that washes off easily. Advanced formulation using natural non-ionic surf...

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  • £21.47

    Swarfega Deb Rose Water Foam Soap 1lt


    Provides a pleasant hand washing experience, leaving skin fresh after use. Containing Glycerin, the formula helps prevent drying after use. Highly ...

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  • £46.57

    Morelli Group Toilet Paper, 40 Rolls 2-Ply, 320 Sheets

    Morelli Group

    40 rolls of luxury quilted, 2-ply toilet paper. Each roll has 320 sheets. Colour is soft white. Each individual pack contains 4 rolls.

  • £27.72

    Morelli Group Anti Bacterial Hand Wash (5Lt)

    Morelli Group

    5lt Anti Bacterial hand wash in a large container to refill hand dispensers. Great value way to buy hand soap.

  • £9.60

    Perfection Sanitiser Aerosol (500ml)


    Perfect for cleaning inside vehicles and all hard surfaces in office, door handles, hand rails etc. 70% IPA and 30% non-sterile DI water, fast acti...

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  • from £32.93

    Perfection Brake, Clutch & Parts Cleaner


    Perfection Brake, Clutch & Parts Cleaner is designed to remove brake dust and other residual dirt, grease, and traffic film from brake discs, ...

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    from £32.93
  • £24.70

    Hanzl Hanocura Hand Cream


    Hanzl Hanocura is a lightly perfumed regenerating skin care cream for hands and face. Designed to be applied after work use to give a superbly soft...

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  • £56.96

    Hanzl Advanced Soy Heavy Duty Hand Cleaner


    Hanzl Advanced Soy Heavy Duty Hand Cleaner is an environmentally friendly hand cleanser for very heavy soiling. Designed to remove oil, grease, ink...

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