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  • from £24.60

    Smart Express Water Based Spray Grain

    Smart Express

    Water Based Spray Grain is a clear urethane product that, when sprayed through a Preval, mouth atomizer, or air brush (very low pressure), it will ...

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    from £24.60
  • £22.20

    Smart Express Leather Repair Compound

    Smart Express

    Leather crack fill, for interior repairs. Choose between either 2oz or 4oz.

  • £17.64

    Smart Express Deep Flex Air Dry Filler (4oz)

    Smart Express

    Smart Express' Air-Dry Filler is curated from a unique blend of resins designed for repairing tears and filling voids on leather and vinyl surfaces...

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  • £16.20

    Smart Express Soft-Flex Vinyl Repair Compound (4oz)

    Smart Express

    This slightly blue hue heat cure compound is the softest most flexible one we sell. Excellent strength. It grains very well and can handle a lot of...

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  • £15.90

    Smart Express Thick Vinyl Repair Compound (4oz)

    Smart Express

    This is our all-purpose heat cure, high viscosity, high-strength repair compound. Repair compound must still be baked all the way through for prope...

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  • £21.88

    Perfection Cavity Wax Aerosol (500ml)


    The no-drip, no-silicone cavity wax comes in aerosol form, and works by capillary action to creep into the cavity. Dries to a film. The clear aeros...

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  • £7.45

    Evercoat Blue Cream Hardener


    Evercoat Blue Cream Hardener is a hardening agent designed to speed up body repairs. It is a non-separating, quick-hardening cream that can be used...

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  • £49.72

    Evercoat Rage Gold Filler (3L)


    Evercoat Rage Gold is an exceptionally easy-sanding body filler with self levelling properties for a truly excellent vertical hold. Not only is it ...

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  • from £26.40

    U-Pol Plastikit Resin


    U-Pol Plastikit Resin is designed for professional use construction and repair. Suitable for use on car bodies, boats, garden ponds, and general re...

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    from £26.40
  • £40.27

    U-Pol SMC High Adhesion Filler (1.1L)


    High adhesion bonding paste and filling compound specifically designed to repair cracks, holes and scratches in SMC, fiberglass, composite and othe...

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  • £63.36

    Gliptone Latex Twin Tube


    Gliptone Latex Mould Former helps to create the perfect finish to a leather repair to replicate the pattern of the grain. To do this you need to cr...

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  • £26.89

    Smart Express Yellow Repair Mesh, 1 Yard

    Smart Express

    Repair mesh is used as a base layer in split seats and trim in order to offer a bridge between the two split areas. Once in place, with the additio...

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