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  • £18.14

    3M FFP2 Masks (Pack of 10)


    Pack of 10 3M FFP2 valved convex shaped face mask with metal nose piece for enhanced fit and two elastic straps to ensure mask stays tight to weare...

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  • from £21.43

    3M Maintenance Free Half Mask 4000 Series


    This respirator mask provides protection against organic vapours and particulates. Features: Maintenance free, low profile, comfortable design inte...

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    from £21.43
  • from £60.95

    3M Respirator Mask


    Safe, comfortable solution for vapour and fume straight out the box and ready for use. A very comfortable and balanced fitting mask for wearing du...

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    from £60.95
  • £27.85

    3M FFP2 Aura Particulate Respirator Valved (Box of 10)


    These 3M FFP2 Aura Particulate Respirators provides FFP2 breathing protection with an original 3-panel design which allows for greater flexibility ...

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  • £30.70

    3M Gas and Vapour Filter (Box of 2)


    Pair of replacement 3M Gas and Vapour Filters for use with all 3M 6000 and 3M 7000 Series Half and Full Face Masks. Lightweight, low breathing resi...

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  • from £118.68

    3M Low Maintenance Full Face Mask


    3M Low Maintenance Full Face Mask is a lightweight, durable mask that covers the entire face. Enhanced comfort with easy-to-adjust suspension head ...

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    from £118.68
  • £68.04

    3M Particulate Filters P2R (Box of 20)


    Box of 20 replacement particulate filters for for use with 3M 6000 and 3M 7000 Series Half Face Masks. Provides P2R protection against solid and li...

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  • £55.28

    3M Visor with Peltor Ear Defenders


    The 3M Visor with fitted Peltor Ear Defenders offers the wearer protection for the face and eyes with the added bonus of ear protection. Visor can ...

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  • £69.12

    J Tape Disposable Full Face Visor (Pack of 24)

    J Tape

    JTAPE Disposable Face Shields provide lightweight, comfortable protection to the face from splashes and projected liquid droplets when used in conj...

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  • £3.85

    3M Pair Of Filter Retainers


    Pair of filter retainers, for use with M16782 Half Mask, to hold particulate filters in place on mask. Two retainers included in box.

  • £12.60

    3M Organic Gas and Vapour A1 Filter


    Provides excellent field of vision, is light weight and low breathing resistance. The A1 filter protects against organic vapours and gases. Suitabl...

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  • £31.14

    More Tools Light Reactive Welding Helmet

    More Tools

    Automatic. 92 x 42mm Viewing Area. Arc Sensor v2. Variable Shade 9-13.

  • £33.18

    3M Lens Covers For 6000 Masks


    This 3M 6885 clear lens cover is for use with the 3M 6000 series full face respirators. The clear mylar lens attaches to the lens with tabs on eith...

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  • £2.90

    Morelli Group Surgical Masks (Pack of 50)

    Morelli Group

    Pack of 50 Surgical Masks. Looped ear straps & flexible nose piece adjustable to fit all face shapes, these are the basic disposable surgical m...

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