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  • £51.50

    3M Panel Wipe (400 Per Roll)


    Excellent absorbency for optimal cleaning and wiping of surfaces around the home and garage. Super strength - even when wet to reduce tearing. Mini...

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  • £15.34

    Preparatory Cleaner (5L)


    Pre cleaner for using before painting to remove grease, dirt, finger marks etc to ensure a perfect finish. Should be applied with a low lint wiper ...

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  • £17.63

    U-Pol Slow Drying Degreaser 5L


    U-Pol Slow Drying Degreaser is a solvent based, anti-static, anti-silicone panel wipe. The aggressive degreasing formula removes contaminants such ...

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  • £41.80

    Fusor 703 Adhesion Prep/Cleaner (1 Litre)


    Fusor 703 Adhesion Prep/Cleaner is designed to help remove silicones and contaminants in preparation for applying adhesives, sealers and coati...

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