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Plastic Repair

  • £72.94

    3M 200ml Panel Bonding Adhesive


    The 3M Panel Bonding Adhesive is a two-part epoxy used to bond steel, aluminum, SMC, and FRP (traditional fiberglass). The primary use is to replac...

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  • £9.36

    Smart Express Rigid Glue Cartridge

    Smart Express

    Smart Express rigid glue, is a two component, urethane-based adhesive supplied in a 50ml twin cartridge. Used in most rigid plastic repair applicat...

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  • £12.66

    Smart Express Flexi Glue Cartridge

    Smart Express

    Smart Express flexi glue, is a two component, urethane-based adhesive supplied in a 50ml twin cartridge.Can be used in most flexible plastic repair...

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  • £36.64

    3M Superfast Plastic Adhesive


    3M Superfast Plastic Adhesive is a two-part urethane adhesive used for repairing, rebuilding, reshaping, and bonding plastic easily through use wit...

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  • £84.40

    Power Tec Plastic Welding Kit - Euro Plug

    Power Tec

    Please note before purchasing that this is a 2 pin EU plug. Power Tec's plastic welding kit is ideal for welding and repairing plastic parts or co...

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  • £40.01

    Teroson PU 9225


    Teroson PU 9225 is a 2-component polyurethane plastic repair adhesive. Designed for use during repair tasks on paintable interior and exterior plas...

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  • £34.50

    Q Bond Ultra Strong Adhesive and Filling Kit

    Q Bond

    This unique product Q Bond is one of the finest products for repairing various types of breaks, cracks and other damages to a wide range of items. ...

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  • £15.28

    SAS Spray Adhesive (500ml)


    Aerosol spray glue, high Strength Bond, formulated for maintenance and repair. Suitable to all substrates and trim, including trim linings, upholst...

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  • £13.24

    SAS High Viscosity Super Glue (20g)


    SAS High-Viscosity Super Glue has a cure time of 2 to 40 seconds, with a gap fill of 0.2mm.

  • £14.64

    SAS Activator Aerosol (200ml)


    SAS Activator Aerosol works to accelerate bonding of super glues. Suitable for use of PVCu, plastic, glass and metal. 200ml can.    

  • £25.34

    3M Flexible Parts Repair Material


    Give damaged vehicle plastics a seamless new look with 3M Flexible Parts Repair Material. The repair material is fast drying, extremely flexible an...

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  • £80.47

    Power Tec Miracle Twisted Bits, 100PC

    Power Tec

    Suitable for general and automotive applications.

  • £8.35

    Power Tec Professional Scraper

    Power Tec

    Professional scraper loaded with a single sided blade, with a soft-grip handle. Ideal for removing glue, stickers etc.

  • £55.00

    Power Tec Flat Back PP for Plastic Repair, 19mm Strips, 15PC

    Power Tec

    Flat back PP for plastic repair is typically used for applications such as; splash shields, bumper, headlight housing, inner wing liners, petrol ta...

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  • £2.33

    Teroson Flatstream Nozzle


    The Teroson Flatstream Nozzle can only be used in conjunction with the Teroson Powerline II cartridge dispenser. Achieve best results by producing ...

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  • £17.34

    Morelli Group Glue Gun 40w 230v

    Morelli Group

    The Smart Express plastic applicator gun is required to dispense product from the Smart Express plastic 50ml cartridges. This strong plastic gun is...

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  • £7.20

    Morelli Group Plastic Mixer Tips (x10)

    Morelli Group

    The plastic mixer tips are vital for the correct mixing of the urethane. These mixer tips with, a spiral insert, not only ensure that the product i...

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  • £21.40

    U-Pol Plast-X Plastic Repair - 5 Light Grey Aerosol


    This specifically formulated plastic bumper and trim coat paint isfor use on suitably primed plastic components. Excellent coverage and fast drying...

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  • £220.40

    Power Tec Hot Stapler Plastic Repair System

    Power Tec

    Hot stapler repair system with 300 staples. Repair instead of replace. Secure bumper splits to enable repair. Quick effective repair method with al...

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  • £294.00

    More Tools Glue Puller

    More Tools

    Glue puller will not damage paintwork or panel. Cleanly reduce dents to more manageable size Complete kit to work on multiple types of pa...

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  • £97.87

    3M Flexible Bumper Patch Kit (Black)


    3M Flexible Bumper Patch Kit is designed to reinforce the inside of a two-sided plastic repair where the damage has penetrated through the plastic ...

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  • £1.26

    Morelli Group 2inch Foam Brush (50mm)

    Morelli Group

    Foam brushes are used to apply paint product as smoothly as possible without leaving brush marks in the finished application. Good for applying int...

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  • £112.25

    Glasurit 934-10 Aerosol Plastic Primer (400ml)


    Aerosol which is suitable for direct application to all paintable plastic substrates to increase adhesion for primer and topcoat applications.

  • £17.08

    3M Aerosol Body Guard (Black, 500ml)


    Aerosol body guards are used to protect the vulnerable painted parts of a vehicle. Stone chips can penetrate the paint and underlying protective co...

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  • from £7.86

    SAS Low Viscosity Super Glue


    Low viscosity super glue, cure time 2-40 seconds depending on substrate and environment. Gap fill 0.10mm.

    from £7.86