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Hand Tools

  • £6.14

    Perfection Single Edge Razor Blades (x100)


    This pack of single sided blades can be used as a stand alone item or will fit most single edged blade holders. Includes 100 blades.

  • £6.89

    Perfection Safety Blade Cutters, Sheeting Knives (Pack of 10)


    Safety blade cutters, sheeting knives are suitable to be used on most products that are thin enough to fit into the gap.

  • £4.20

    StarChem 1/4 BSP Hose Tail with Male Thread


    1/4 BSP Hose Tail with Male Thread. Stainless steel.

  • £16.48

    Perfection Blowjet Paint Dryer


    Fan action blow gun with 16 outlets. Creates fan for dusting or drying jobs. Adjustable regulator to control airflow.

  • £47.03

    3M 15 Hole 10mm Back-Up Pad M8 Festo


    Intended for use with Festool machines. Designed for 6, 7, 9 and 15 hole configuration. The foam face and the reinforced nylon backplate are moulde...

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  • £46.64

    Indasa MBX Replacement Eraser Wheel


    Indasa MBX Replacement Eraser Wheel is designed to remove vinyl stripes from paintwork without damaging the existing paint. To be used with Indasa ...

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  • £96.70

    Fusor Gun For 225 + 300ml Cartridge


    Manual Fusor Gun For 225 + 300ml Cartridge.

  • £2.65

    Perfection Perfection Roller Tray


    Roller Tray only. Other parts sold separately. PERRH (handle) PERRR-10 (paint rollers)

  • £2.92

    Perfection Roller Handle


    Roller Handle only. Other parts sold separately. PERRR-10 (paint rollers) PERRT (roller tray)

  • £20.80

    Perfection Paint Rollers (Pack of 10)


    10 Paint Rollers only. Other parts sold separately. PERRH (handle) PERRT (roller tray)

  • £12.24

    StarChem Trimming Knives, Pack of 10


    Pack of 10 trimming blades.

  • £1.03

    StarChem Snap Off Knife, 9mm


    Snap off knife with retractable blade. 9mm

  • £1.80

    StarChem Snap Off Knife, 18mm


    Snap off knife with retractable blade. 18mm.

  • £7.91

    Power Tec Professional Scraper

    Power Tec

    Professional scraper loaded with a single sided blade, with a soft-grip handle. Ideal for removing glue, stickers etc.

  • £56.77

    Esprit 12V Windscreen Drill


    12v windscreen drill, 40 watt output for windscreen repairs.

  • £39.50

    Esprit Elite Mirror Unit


    This Esprit Elite Mirror Unit can be attached to the inside of the glass, allowing for inspection of the chip from outside the vehicle. The swivel ...

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  • £38.88

    Teromix 6700 Hand Gun


    The Teroson Hand Gun is a dispensing tool used to process 2-component twin cartridges (2 x 25 ml) with a mixing ratio of 1:1. Easy handling and app...

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  • £15.54

    Morelli Group Glue Gun 40w 230v

    Morelli Group

    The Smart Express plastic applicator gun is required to dispense product from the Smart Express plastic 50ml cartridges. This strong plastic gun is...

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  • £6.90

    Morelli Group Precision Screwdriver Set (21 Piece)

    Morelli Group

    21 Piece Precision Screwdriver Set. Mini screwdriver set with flexible extension.

  • £15.54

    Sealey Complete Scraper Set


    Replaceable razor blade scraper set containing: safe guard scraper, long reach scraper and two standard scrapers. Suitable for removing adhe...

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  • £5.94

    Morelli Group Tyre Valve Tool

    Morelli Group

    Zinc plated tool with knurled body. Cleans and restores internal and external threads and also includes valve core removal tool.

  • £4.15

    Perfection Blade Holder For Single Edged Blades


    Single sided blade holder. Please see part no SARB-100 for pack of 100 blades for this tool.

  • £1.33

    Perfection Paint Brush 0.5 Inch

    Morelli Group

    Econoy 12mm or 1/2inch paint brush, perfect for cleaning, or brushin in sealer or just using for paint work.

  • £7.80

    More Tools Pack Four Body Filler Applicator Set

    More Tools

    Set of four metal filler applicator cards, re usable and highly durable. Flexible metal applicator. Easy grip plastic handle.

  • £23.94

    More Tools PK 6 Dirt Removing Needles

    More Tools

    Pack of 6 needles. Needles have tiny barbs on them. Hook away unwanted debris from fresh paint work. Suitable for many industries.

  • £90.00

    More Tools Low Vibration Air Saw Kit

    More Tools

    Low vibration tool. Featuring a sleek, matte black design. Supplied in plastic carry case with 5 of each 18tpi, 24tpi and 32tpi.

  • £8.34

    More Tools De Nib Files-Coarse and Fine

    More Tools

    Fine: Shaves top off sags and runs. Quickly removes unwanted paint build. With careful use can save time and materials. Coarse: Remove heavy build ...

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