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  • from £10.12

    Perfection High Build Primer Aerosol


    Perfection 500ml high build primer has excellent build properties to help create a perfect smooth finish before application of any top coats. Helps...

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    from £10.12
  • £13.96

    Indasa High Build Primer Aerosol (500ml)


    Indasa High Build Primer is a versatile one pack acrylic based primer coating that provides excellent adhesion to prepared surfaces. The high build...

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  • £10.03

    Perfection Etch Aerosol


    Perfection Etch Aerosol is an etch primer that gives ultimate adhesion.

  • £11.89

    ProXL ProBuild White Aerosol


    ProBuild White Aerosol is a primer-surfacer with high filling properties and an extremely quick drying time. Make surfaces non-porous and easy to s...

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  • £18.95

    U-Pol Plast-X Plastic Repair - 4 Fine Texture Aerosol


    Fine textured coating, suitable for over-painting.

  • from £13.12

    Lechler Aerosol Energy Line Filler


    Lechler easy solvent aerosol is a specific product which shades uniform Hydromix when folding out old paint with new. It is recommended as a basic ...

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    from £13.12
  • £10.79

    Perfection Plastic Primer Aerosol


    Perfection Plastic Primer Aerosol is a primer providing superb filling properties.

  • £19.88

    U-Pol Weld #2 Weld Through Primer


    U-Pol Weld #2 Weld Through Primer is a zinc rich, high adhesion, super conductive primer. Protect your vehicles from rust when applied to suitably ...

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  • £11.76

    ProXL ProXL U/C Gloss Black Prime


    ProXL ProWheel is a premium coloured undercoat for fast spot priming. Excellent adhesion, this primer provides good protection against corrosion. G...

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  • £43.03

    U-Pol 1K Acid #8 Etch Primer


    U-Pol Acid #8 Etch Primer will promote paint adhesion to more difficult surfaces such as galvanised steel and aluminium. This fast drying, anti-cor...

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  • £36.89

    U-Pol Barcoat Quick Drying Isolator


    U-Pol Barcoat is a quick drying yellow oxide isolator designed for restoration work. Avoid lifting and bleeding of existing paint film sensitive to...

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  • £18.91

    U-Pol Plast-X Plastic Repair - 4 Coarse Texture Aerosol


    Coarse textured coating, suitable for over-painting.

  • £20.70

    U-Pol Plast-X Plastic Repair - 3 Primer Filler Aerosol


    Plast-X 3 is a 1K ready for use plastic primer filler in an aerosol that fills in minor imperfections and sanding marks that may be visible on the ...

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  • £17.63

    U-Pol Plast-X Plastic Repair - 2 Adhesion Promoter Aerosol


    Plast-X 2 is a 1K ready for use adhesion promoter in an aerosol that improves the adhesion of paint, adhesives or sealants to most plastics. Can be...

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  • £54.96

    Morelli Group Primer and Hi Build Wet on Wet Primer Activator 4lt Kit

    Morelli Group

    A super high build primer filler, which gives a thicker coat to help smooth surface imperfections and matches spray gun performance. It is fast dry...

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  • £97.00

    Morelli Group Glasurit 934-10 400ml Aerosol Plastic Primer

    Morelli Group

    Aerosol which is suitable for direct application to all paint-able plastic substrates to increase adhesion for primer and topcoat applications.