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Workshop Products

  • from £5.70

    Perfection Car & Room Sanitising Bombs


    Perfection Sanitiser Bombs are a one use total release sanitiser to fog an area, laying a sanitiser down on all surfaces in that space. Depress but...

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    from £5.70
  • £8.70

    Smart Express Flexi Glue Cartridge

    Smart Express

    Smart Express flexi glue, is a two component, urethane-based adhesive supplied in a 50ml twin cartridge.Can be used in most flexible plastic repair...

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  • £15.34

    Preparatory Cleaner (5L)


    Pre cleaner for using before painting to remove grease, dirt, finger marks etc to ensure a perfect finish. Should be applied with a low lint wiper ...

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  • £13.68

    Perfection White Stockinette Mutton Cloth (2kg)


    Mutton Cloth or Stockinette is a versatile fabric that Morelli has sold for many years as a cloth for a multitude of uses in the workshop environme...

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  • £17.63

    U-Pol Slow Drying Degreaser 5L


    U-Pol Slow Drying Degreaser is a solvent based, anti-static, anti-silicone panel wipe. The aggressive degreasing formula removes contaminants such ...

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  • £38.65

    Perfection Masking Tape 50mm (x20)


    50mm masking tape for professional use. Case of 20 rolls.

  • £5.78

    3M Pack Of 10 Aqua Tack Cloth


    A tack cloth with light adhesive, ideal for use in the spray booth prior to final coat application. Removal of lighter dust from fine sanding, ligh...

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  • £10.74

    Slim's Detailing Microfibre Cloths (Pack of 10)

    Slim's Detailing

    High Quality Plush All-Purpose Microfibre. Microfibres are an essential part of any detail and can be used for a wide variety of purposes including...

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  • £35.88

    Hanzl STOP IT Hand Protection Barrier Cream


    Hanzl STOP IT Hand Protection Barrier Cream is designed to protect against paints, grease, oil, solvents, tar, varnishes, adhesives, lacquers and a...

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  • from £28.21

    3M Bodyside Moulding Acrylic Tape (20m)


    Offering high adhesive strength, these 3M high density acrylic foam tapes, with acrylic adhesive on both sides, are ideally suited to critical fixi...

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    from £28.21
  • £65.17

    Swarfega Deb Duck Oil, Multi-Purpose Service Spray 5lt


    Deb Duck Oil, Multi-Purpose Service Spray displaces water, lubricates, prevents corrosion, electrical insulator and damp starter and light degrease...

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  • £31.26

    Morelli Group Toilet Paper, 40 Rolls 2-Ply, 320 Sheets

    Morelli Group

    40 rolls of luxury quilted, 2-ply toilet paper. Each roll has 320 sheets. Colour is soft white. Each individual pack contains 4 rolls.

  • £41.80

    Fusor 703 Adhesion Prep/Cleaner (1 Litre)


    Fusor 703 Adhesion Prep/Cleaner is designed to help remove silicones and contaminants in preparation for applying adhesives, sealers and coati...

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  • £11.54

    Perfection Sanitiser Aerosol (500ml)


    Perfect for cleaning inside vehicles and all hard surfaces in office, door handles, hand rails etc. 70% IPA and 30% non-sterile DI water, fast acti...

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  • £10.20

    Perfection Pack of 50 Commercial Tack Rags


    Tack rags designed especially for commercialised vehicles. Perfect for a finer paint finish. Pack of 50.

  • £16.10

    Perfection Slow Pre Paint Wipe (5L)


    Slow Panel Wipe evaporates slower than regular panel wipe providing a longer work time. Use before painting to remove grease, dirt, finger marks et...

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  • £50.88

    Perfection 10kg Box White Polishing Cloth


    10kg box of cotton fabric cut-offs for wiping and other workshop use.

  • from £12.94

    Perfection Brake, Clutch & Parts Cleaner


    Perfection Brake, Clutch & Parts Cleaner is designed to remove brake dust and other residual dirt, grease, and traffic film from brake discs, ...

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    from £12.94
  • £45.61

    Perfection Bag of White Sheeting (10kg)


    10kg bag of cotton cut off fabric pieces ready to be used for wiping and general workshop use.

  • £24.00

    Perfection Box Of Polishing Wipes


    Perfection polishing wipes. Box

  • £14.40

    Perfection Box Bodyshop Wipes


    Perfection bodyshop wipes. Box

  • £42.64

    3M Trim Lifting Cord, 6 mm x 40 m with Applicator


    3M Trim Lifting Cord is a flexible 6mm diameter foam cord, which is placed underneath the moulding of a windscreen by means of a clever applicator ...

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  • £40.64

    3M Refix Tape (Box of 4)


    The 3M Refix Tape utilises a unique application system, rolled specially so that a gun can lay a controlled strip of instant adhesive, exactly wher...

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  • £27.18

    Morelli Group Interior Protection Floor Mats (Pack of 250)

    Morelli Group

    3M Interior Protection Floor Mats work hard to protect footwells from inevitable exposure to grease, oil and dirt. Designed to work in tandem with ...

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  • £50.45

    3M Manual Applicator Gun for 8120 Adhesive


    The 3M Manual Applicator Gun is intended for the application of adhesives in auto repair, designed for use with 1:1 50mL and 2:1 37.5mL cartridges....

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  • £37.60

    3M 6mm Scotch Acrylic Foam Tape (Pack of 2)


    The Scotch Acrylic Foam Tape has a high adhesive strength, this high density acrylic foam tapes with acrylic adhesive on both sides are ideally sui...

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  • £30.40

    3M Booth Coating


      Spray-on coating applies conveniently with conventional spray equipmentDesigned to protect paint booth walls, windows, lights and fixtures for op...

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  • £31.80

    Perfection Spirit Wiper 350 Sheets


    Low tint white cloth spirit wiper. Absorbent and very tough. 400 x 280mm 350 sheets per box.

  • £28.88

    Perfection Perfection Trim Lifting Tape 50mm x 10m


    Perforated and flexible for tight curves. Protects rubber trims during spraying.

  • £26.50

    Perfection Emblem Transfer Tape


    Pack 10 300x50mm strips Perfection Emblem Transfer Tape is designed to re-fix car emblems and badges to the paintwork on all sorts of vehicles. If ...

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  • £36.00

    Teromix 6700 Hand Gun


    The Teroson Hand Gun is a dispensing tool used to process 2-component twin cartridges (2 x 25 ml) with a mixing ratio of 1:1. Easy handling and app...

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  • £10.03

    U-Pol Tiger Seal Pu Black Adhesive and Sealant


    This one component, ready for use polyurethane sealant and adhesive will permanently seal and bond body panels and trim. Can be used to seal around...

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  • £4.56

    Perfection Black Gaffer Tape


    This 50 metre roll of blackGaffer tape is heavy duty, multipurpose, waterproof, easy tear and for use indoor or outdoor. 50mm x 50m.

  • £12.62

    SAS Spray Adhesive 470


    Aerosol spray glue, high Strength Bond, formulated for maintenance and repair. Suitable to all substrates and trim, including trim linings, upholst...

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  • £30.12

    Q Bond Ultra Strong Adhesive and Filling Kit

    Q Bond

    This unique product Q Bond is one of the finest products for repairing various types of breaks, cracks and other damages to a wide range of items. ...

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  • £7.20

    Morelli Group Plastic Mixer Tips (x10)

    Morelli Group

    The plastic mixer tips are vital for the correct mixing of the urethane. These mixer tips with, a spiral insert, not only ensure that the product i...

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