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Windscreen Repair Tools

  • £56.77

    Esprit 12V Windscreen Drill


    12v windscreen drill, 40 watt output for windscreen repairs.

  • £164.06

    Esprit Elite Windscreen Bridge


    This Esprit Elite Windscreen Bridge has an over-centre lever and self levelling head which provides a fast, accurate set up. The unique and patente...

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  • £14.54

    Esprit UV Shield for Elite Repair Bridge


    The Esprit UV Shield is designed to clip onto the Elite Repair Bridge and protect the repair from ambient UV light when repairing outdoors.

  • £39.44

    Esprit Power Supply Unit (12v - 240v)


    The Esprit Power Supply Unit transforms the mains power to 12 volts for the UV lamp, drill, and heater unit. Voltage / Plug Fitting: 240v/12v Power...

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