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Blocks and Pads

  • £18.71

    Mirka Interface Pad With 6 Holes 77mm (Pack of 5)


    Designed for use with the Abranet sanding system over rounded surfaces with the 77mm random orbital sander and dust extraction.

  • £1.00

    Perfection Size Adaptable Sanding Block


    A size adaptable sanding block just cut the length you require and make your own perfect sanding block. Made from firm composite rubber material to...

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  • £20.98

    3M 50gm Dry Guide Coat


    Ideal for both wet and dry sanding, this revolutionary product for applying a guide coat to the repair area makes the sanding process controllable ...

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  • £2.81

    Perfection Rubbing Block


    Classic hand Block. Curved back fits into palm of hand. Flat surface to achieve perfect results.

  • £41.10

    Indasa Red 75mm Velcro Backing Pad


    Red 75mm Velcro Backing Pad, well balanced for optimised sanding performance. Hard wearing and durable composite body, with a heat treated locking ...

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  • £9.00

    Perfection Hook and Loop Sanding Disc 6inch Orbital Backing Pad 150mm


    Fits any sanders that require a 6inch pad. Enables the user to apply hook and loop discs saving time and money when flatting down paint or knockin...

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  • £20.93

    3M Roloc Disc Pad Assembly (2inch )


    3M Roloc Disc Pad Assembly is a back-up attachment for the unique 3M Roloc Bristle Discs. Securely hold 3M Roloc Bristle Disc products in place usi...

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  • £2.54

    3M Rubber Squeegee


    This inexpensive 3M Rubber Squeegee is designed to remove slush created when sanding or applying glazing putty and plastic filler. Made from flexib...

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  • £10.32

    3M Finesse-It' Hand Sanding Pad


    Red rubber hand sanding pad 1-1/4 inch diameter. Both ends of this pad can be used to hold PSA sanding discs. One end is firm for better defect lev...

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  • £37.16

    3M Cubitron II Net Sheet Roll, 70mm x 10m


    3M Cubitron II Net Sheet Rolls are a fast-cutting and long-lasting family of net sheet rolls that deliver the exceptional cut rate and extended lif...

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  • £34.56

    3M 9 Micron Abrasive Discs Pk100


    Abrasive discs used to ease the removal of small imperfections such as dust nibs in both new and original paint finishes. Sometimes called flower d...

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  • £47.78

    3M 15 Hole 10mm Back-Up Pad M8 Festo (150mm)


    Intended for use with Festool machines. Designed for 6, 7, 9 and 15 hole configuration. The foam face and the reinforced nylon backplate are moulde...

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  • £44.98

    Power Tec Flex-Block Curve Adaptor

    Power Tec

    Flex-block curve adaptor for curved and contour sanding, over a large area.

  • £9.95

    Indasa Rhynogrip Interface Pad 75mm (3 Hole)


    This Indasa Rhynogrip Interface Pad is a soft density pad placed between backing pad and disc. Fully compatible with Rhynogrip abrasive systems. 3 ...

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  • £41.35

    Mirka 77mm 1/4inch Backing Pad


    Backing pad medium for grip discs.

  • £9.55

    3M Back-Up Pad For Dry Guide Coat


    Ideal for both wet and dry sanding, this revolutionary product for applying a guide coat to the repair area makes the sanding process controllable;...

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  • £11.51

    3M Clean and Strip Mandrel


    100mm with a 6mm shaft for use with 07933 discs. Clean and Strip discs.

  • £6.52

    3M Hookit Soft Interface Pad (75mm)


    This 3M Hookit Soft Interface Pad is a film backed abrasive disc to remove dirt nibs in fresh clear coat paint. Maximises cushion and conformabilit...

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  • £14.77

    3M Rubber Rubbing Block


    This flexible 3M Rubber Rubbing Block holds abrasive sheets securely during wet or dry sanding operations. Designed to be used in conjunction with ...

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  • £32.15

    3M Low Profile Clean Sanding Pad (150mm)


    This sanding pad has a tough, durable plastic hub and foam body. It is lightweight, shock resistant and well balanced making it easy and ideal to u...

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  • from £9.53

    3M Hookit Purple+ Multihole Block


    3M Hookit Purple+ Multihole Block is designed to be used with 3M Hookit Purple+ Multihole Sheets. Sizes available: 70mm x 127mm 70mm x 198mm Mult...

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    from £9.53