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Stands and Trestles

  • £398.59

    Fast Mover Rotating Universal Panel Stand

    Fast Mover

    The Fast Mover Universal Panel Stand accomodates panels from any production car, capable of handling doors, tailgates, bonnets, and wings. Thanks t...

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  • £238.80


    Morelli Group

    The GUNIWHEEL™ 45S is a universal bolt-pattern shop wheel, used as an alternative to jack stands and other mounting systems: keeps vehicles in a mo...

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  • £78.00

    More Tools Large Trestle

    More Tools

    1100mm wide foam protected top rail. Ideal for use on gridded floors. Adjustable for height and working width using side chains.

  • £34.74

    More Tools Leg Trestle

    More Tools

    1000mm wide foam protected top rails. Adjustable for height and working width using chain. Superb value light use trestle.

  • £156.00

    More Tools Panel Stand

    More Tools

    The Moretools panel stand is a bodyshop staple, an ideal stand for holding 95% of panels up to medium sized bonnets. Panels are mounted on four hoo...

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  • £943.20

    Morelli Group Four Wheel Prep and Paint Stand

    Morelli Group

    Mobile stand, perfect for prep and painting up to four wheels. Can hold wheel sizes up to 22inch . Handles on side for ease of movement, with stopp...

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  • £102.00

    Moretools 4 Wheel Painting Stand

    More Tools

    Holds 4 wheels securely whilst prepping and painting. Wheels can be rotated on the stand. Stand is fully mobile whilst in use. Essential for any bo...

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  • £70.74

    Sealey 3-Tonne Axle Stands


    Ratchet type axle stand with cast iron support post and tough welded steel plate base. With angled teeth in post this stand prevents accidental rel...

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