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CARPRO 'Find My Dilute' Stickers for Dilute Bottles


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Improve your workflow and never struggle to identify diluted CARPRO products with these convenient stickers. Simply stick the colour marker onto the designated area on the Dilute bottle – know your product at a glance, even from the corner of your eye.

Kit Contains 72 Stickers

  • 6x Descale (500ML)
  • 6x Descale (1L)
  • 6x ECH2O (500ML)
  • 6x ECH2O (1L)
  • 6x HydrO2 (500ML)
  • 6x HydrO2 (1L)
  • 6x Inside (500ML)
  • 6x Inside (1L)
  • 6x MultiX (500ML)
  • 6x MultiX (1L)
  • 6x Perl (500ML)
  • 6x Perl (1L)