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Smart Express

Products and IMI accredited training for the SMART repairer.Express repairs present today’s bodyshops with a genuine opportunity to improve their customer’s experience by adding value while growing their own profitability. Morelli Group, are at the forefront of this exciting opportunity.

The benefits of express repairs to the bodyshop includes faster throughput of damaged vehicles, increased customer retention and additional income streams. Express repairs also enable bodyshops to meet the demands of insurance companies and other work providers who are now actively seeking the use of these repair methods to reduce both key to key times and overall repair costs.

The key to a successful express repair is having skilled technicians; to help you achieve this, Smart Express by Morelli has invested in a state of the art training school, where they train IMI Accredited QAP courses in all the main skill sets. Complementing our technical training, we also teach reception staff to identify the full up-selling potential within each vehicle.

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