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Training Centre

We're delighted to present to your our purpose built and industry leading training school in Coventry. It has everything you need from a facility developed to deliver a collection of SMART repair training courses, with IMI & ATA qualifications available. Covering over 8000 sq feet, it gives us the space to offer the highest quality training on the market. Including multiple repair booths, dedicated to each art of SMART repair from Alloy wheels, panel repair, windscreen repair, interior & PDR. We also benefit from extensive conferencing facilities, with a full kitchen on site, wifi access for all guests & even a lounge area to rest in between training.

Don't worry if you're a beginner, we have all the tools and equipment you require to support you on those first steps into SMART repair. See our pictures below to get a feel for facility... 

Entrance to the Smart Express Training School - within the Eyebox

Repair booths in the main workshop - prep room, alloy wheel booth, spray booth & paint room

View of the repair booths & conferencing rooms at back of the centre

View of the preparation booth - with panel stands and other preparation equipment

View of the preparation booth - with panel stands, windscreen repair & other tools

Alloy wheel repair booth - with wheel blasting machine, wheel stand and panel stand

View of the painting room with panel stands & various drying lamps

View of the painting room with drying lamps



Coventry Training School, Eyebox, Ibstock Road, Coventry, United Kingdom, CV6 6JR
T: 0333 222 9943
Opening Hours: Mon – Fri 9.00am-5.00pm