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  • from £15.47

    Lechler Aerosol Energy Line Filler


    Lechler easy solvent aerosol is a specific product which shades uniform Hydromix when folding out old paint with new. It is recommended as a basic ...

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    from £15.47
  • £22.62

    Lechler Fade Out Blender


    Lechler Fade Out Blender is a mixture of special resins, additives, and solvents designed to blend and uniform fade-out in refinishing with solvent...

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  • £29.15

    Lechler HF689 HC Flop Controller


    Lechler HF689 Flop Controller complements the Hydrofan range of products that have a very low VOC content so are ideal for use on cars and commerci...

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  • £12.82

    Lechler Hydrocleaner Silicone Remover


    Anti-silicone detergent, antistatic, waterborne dust-proof slow pre-cleaner.

  • £54.90

    Lechler Hydrofan 1k Sealer Light Grey


    Lechler Hydrofan 1k Sealer is a quick drying sealer for touch-ups and partial car paintings. Also suitable to seal new car parts in car refinishing...

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  • £17.38

    Lechler Hydrofan Thinner


    Lechler HF900 standard thinner suitable for use with Hydrofan paint range of products available from Smart Express. Available in 1 Litres.

  • from £26.64

    Lechler Hydrofan Tinters


    Lechler Hydrofan is a third generation, water based basecoat with high yield, easy application and safe utilisation to obtain solid, metallic and m...

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    from £26.64
  • £33.97

    Lechler Macrofan UHS Fade Out Blender


    Lechler Macrofan UHS Fade Out Blender is specifically designed for use with 2K UHS Lacquer. This blender, allows a complete result in the fading ar...

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  • £38.10

    Lechler Macrofan UHS Hardener Fast


    Lechler MH115 activator. Easy to apply, quick drying, easy sanding, excellent build and low absorption. Lechler code: MH115

  • £13.10

    Lechler Slow Panel Clean


    One litre of anti silicone panel wipe

  • £5.03

    Lechler Spat-O-Rapid 1k Stopper


    Lechler Spat-O-Rapid stopper is a knifing nitroacrylic putty in a tube. Spot putty can be used on Nitrocombi and thermoplastic old films that is su...

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  • £99.84

    Lechler Waterbased Gun Cleaner (5L)


    To clean Hydrofan off spray equipment it is necessary to use HF800 gun washer thinner, which is very useful to clean products with a partial film.