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Smart Repair

  • £6.41

    Smart Express 200ml Aerosol Activator for Acculyte Flexi Gels

    Smart Express

    200ml Smart Express aerosol activator for the fast curing of all acculyte flexi gels, clear and black. Acculyte gels are often referred to as AC gels.

  • £6.77

    Smart Express 20gms Acculyte Flexi Gel Clear Tube

    Smart Express

    Smart Express 20gms tube of fast drying filler for various smart repair applications, can be used on alloy wheels, panel repair and some hard plast...

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  • £82.80

    Smart Express Lacquer Kit (7.5 ltr)

    Smart Express

    Our fastest drying lacquer kit available, providing the perfect solution for the mobile smart repairer. In-house test results show superior drying ...

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  • £13.16

    Indasa High Build Primer Aerosol (500ml)


    Indasa High Build Primer is a versatile one pack acrylic based primer coating that provides excellent adhesion to prepared surfaces. The high build...

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  • £11.23

    Lechler Hydrocleaner Silicone Remover


    Anti-silicone detergent, antistatic, waterborne dust-proof slow pre-cleaner.

  • £13.62

    Standox Standohyd Metallic Additive


    A waterborne basecoat system, which can be applied in a single operation, reducing material consumption and working time for bodyshops. Extremely ...

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  • £17.15

    Perfection Pack 50 600ml Clear Plastic Cups


    Perfection pack 50 600ml clear plastic mixing cups. Perfect for mixing and measuring paint and adding hardener and thinners using graduated mixing ...

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  • £10.56

    Perfection Standard Thinner (5ltr)


    Standard thinner - 5 litre size.

  • £18.00

    Perfection Synthetic Thinners


    The perfect thinner for synthetic paints.

  • £13.57

    Perfection Premium Thinners (5L)


    5 litre of Perfection Premium Thinner.

  • £11.78

    Starchem Paint Additive, 25ml


    Paint additive is used to reduce the risk of silicone contamination. It should always be tested before use and only used if there is an existing pr...

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  • £1.94

    Starchem No.6 Touch-Up Artist Paint Brush


    No.6 touch-up artist paint brush for small areas such as stone chips.

  • £1.50

    Starchem No.4 Touch-Up Artist Paint Brush


    No.4 touch-up artist paint brush for small areas such as stone chips.

  • £3.08

    Starchem In-line Spraygun Paint Strainer


    In-line spraygun strainers fit in the suction pipe of the spraygun.

  • £44.96

    Starchem Set of 24 Artist Paint Brushes


    Set of 24 artist paint brushes. Mixed sizes for touching up stonechips and other minor damage.

  • £18.62

    Starchem Pack of 50 Cup Lids, 1300ml


    Pack of 50 cup lids for 1300ml mixing pots.

  • £33.49

    Starchem Pack 100 Premium Paint Strainers 190 Micron Filter


    Pack 100 premium nylon paint strainers 190 micron filter to strain paints. 

  • £41.98

    Starchem Sleeve of 50 Paint Mixing Cups, 400ml


    Pack of 50 cups for bodyshop paint mixing 400ml with popular mixing graduations/ratios printed on the cup.

  • £85.56
  • £34.79

    3M PPS Pack 25 Large 850ml 125 Micron Filter Lids & Liners


    3M Original PPS  is the popular disposable cup system that revolutionised the way people used paint in their sprayguns. This box holds 25 lids with...

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  • £36.00

    Standox Standowin Formulation Disc


    Standox Standowin update formulation disc. Used to gain paint codes and formulas for mixing with Standox range. Software version is latest availabl...

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  • Sold out

    Smart Express Headlamp Repair Kit and Hot Stapler

    Smart Express

    Comprehensive kit which gives the professional repairer all the tools needed to repair headlights that have suffer from discolouring, yellowing and...

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  • £43.20

    Smart Express Headlight Gun Lacquer Kit

    Smart Express

    This lacquer kit is perfect for headlight repair. With a shelf life of one year, this kit should last for around 10 repairs. 2:1 mixing ratio, with...

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  • £10.02

    Standox Deionised Water


    Standohyd thinner for use with Standox product range. 1 litre.

  • £112.61

    Standox Standohyd Colour Blend


    Standox Standohyd colour blend. 1 litre.

  • £10.09

    Smart Express 50gms Acculyte Gel Bottle Black

    Smart Express

    Smart Express 50gms bottle of black AC gel is a flexible version of the AC gel that cures in under 30 seconds. It is perfect for small plastic repa...

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  • £17.88

    Smart Express 30gms Acculyte Gel Clear Syringe

    Morelli Group

    Smart Express 30gms AC Gel is a fast drying rigid surface filler for most rigid applications. This product is an alternative to the usual container...

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  • Sold out

    Preval Unit and Bottle


    In one sentence, the Preval Sprayer is a professional grade spray system that is for countless applications, disposable, recyclable, easy to clean ...

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  • £3.19

    Perfection Pack 10 Tack Cloths


    Perfection box of 10 individually wrapped tack cloths are perfect for a finer dust free paint finish. 

  • £5.08

    Perfection Pack 50 600ml Card Mixing Cups


    Perfection pack 50 600ml card mixing cups. Each cup is marked with graduated measurements for perfect mixing and measuring everytime. 50 cups in...

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  • £20.28

    Power Tec Touch-Up Tips, Pack of 100

    Power Tec

    Microbrush disposable touch up tips. Non-linting fibre. Touch up size of down to 1/8 of a drop without dripping or spitting. Includes 100 tips.

  • £21.34

    Presta Fast Wax VOC Compliant


    A breathable, liquefied paste wax that forms a protective coating on painted surfaces. An easy-on, easy-off formula with the ability to wax an aver...

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  • £19.14

    More Tools Touch Up Tips

    More Tools

    Economical microbrushes save with reduction of excess materials used. They can bend into any angle for the placement of small controlled amounts of...

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  • £7.38

    3M Back-Up Pad For Dry Guide Coat


    Ideal for both wet and dry sanding, this revolutionary product for applying a guide coat to the repair area makes the sanding process controllable;...

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  • £17.80

    3M 50gm Dry Guide Coat


    Ideal for both wet and dry sanding, this revolutionary product for applying a guide coat to the repair area makes the sanding process controllable ...

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  • £6.60

    Malco Large Wash Mitt


    A super soft wash mitt, practical and easy to use as part of your cleaning regime. An alternative to the sponge and the perfect mitt to use to get ...

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