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NEW | 3M™ Performance Spray Gun

NEW | 3M™ Performance Spray Gun

Launching in March 2021 is the new concept 3M™ Performance Spray Gun claimed to be the Smarter Way to Spray by 3M™. It has been designed specifically to deliver a great spray finish with time saving benefits of a faster clean-up, faster changeover and faster cycle times. The gun is a new concept and different approach to conventional spray guns all packed into the lightest to use spray gun in the world.

The same gun can be used to spray primers, solvent- or waterbased base coats, metallics, pearls and clear coats with the high transfer efficiency and atomization you expect from a premium professional spray gun. It can be cleaned in seconds by simply twisting off and removing the locking collar and atomizing head in one. Then simply wipe the needle clean put on the new nozzle, and you’re ready to spray your next job. Change the same gun from primer to paint to lacquer without even leaving the spraybooth. Multiple paint jobs can be undertaken in the spraybooth all in one session with one gun and several 3M™ PPS™ Series 2.0 Spray Cups filled with the products for the jobs in the booth ready to go. Faster Cycle Times are achieved using 3M™ PPS™ Series 2.0 Spray Cups and the replaceable nozzles all from the lightest spray gun in the world.

3M have launched a series of videos showing the gun and various aspects of how to use it and trouble shoot if already using the gun. These are very helpful videos whilst it is difficult for sales staff to make face to face calls so why not take a look and see this gun in action for yourself?

Introductory Video 

Adjusting the Settings 

Application and Cleaning 

Kit Contents, Assembly & Application 

Tips & Tricks 

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