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Get Summer Ready | How To Protect Your Car

Get Summer Ready | How To Protect Your Car

When you think about summer, what do you think about? Getting fit and healthy perhaps? Looking forward to your holiday in the sun? You might think about yourself, but do you ever stop and think about your car? While it feels as though this cold spell is never-ending, we’re hoping the rain will disappear and the sun will soon make an appearance and bless us with its heat. When that time comes, make sure (both) you and your car are summer ready. 

Before you go anywhere, take a look at your tyres. It’s quite simple really, if you have damaged tyres, you won’t be getting very far. When was the last time you checked your tread or tyre pressure? Don’t forget, tyres that don’t meet the UK legal tread limit could see you facing a fine of up to £2,500 and three penalty points per tyre!!

Upholstery, dashboard and steering wheels can suffer from too much sunlight and heat. Buy and use a windscreen cover to prevent heat and harmful rays beating in from that front window. Protect the upholstery and dashboard with products that have protection. Malco Clean and Shine is great for interior plastics. And if you have leather interiors, condition them with Malco Leather Cleaner and Conditioner. Leather is no different to our skin, if exposed to the sun for long periods of time, it can get dry and this causes those tiny wrinkles and cracks, which later down the line; turn into tears and bigger issues!

Park in the shade. If you can do so, park somewhere where out of the sun. This way your car won’t be facing a beating from the UV rays. Just remember however, parking under a tree can cause all kinds of other issues with sap and birds!


Just as with the interior, the exterior also needs protecting. Harsh UV rays can damage your paintwork. By keeping it polished with wax (at least), will help to protect from UV rays, as well as dust and grime try Malco Cherry Flash for up to 60 days protection or Malco Nano Care Blueberry Paste Wax for up to 12 months protection both smell great as well.

Check your fluid levels. Fluids such as; windscreen wash, coolant, brake fluid and engine oil, should be checked regularly to make sure not too much has either been used, or evaporated due to the warmer temperatures.

Tinting windscreens and windows are another way to help prevent sun damage on the interiors. Be sure to remember the legal requirements before doing so. Vehicles first used on 1st April 1985 or later, the front windscreen must let in at least 75% of light, while the front side windows must let in 70%. Vehicles first used before 1st April 1985, both the front windscreen and front windows, must allow at least 70% of light through.

Before you set off on any exciting road trip, you may want to think about a few things to take with you. Carry emergency essentials with you, such as a spare tyre, which has been checked and inflated. Along with the tools needed to change your flat. It doesn’t hurt to have a small first aid kit in your car all year round, just in case it is ever needed. A bottle of water for any top ups that may be needed along the way. There’s nothing worse than running out of screen wash and those birds deciding to have target practice!

And finally, think about the essentials you and your passengers might need. Such as a bottle of water to stay hydrated, which is doubly important to do so during summer. Maybe a coat or blanket as the evenings get cooler and perhaps some energy bars. You never know when you’re going to get stuck in that horrid motorway traffic!

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