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Morelli Group | Supporters of Coventry UK City of Culture

Morelli Group | Supporters of Coventry UK City of Culture

Morelli Group - Supporters of Coventry UK City of Culture

As a business with a presence in Coventry for well over 20 years Morelli Group recognised the virtue of the Coventry bid to become the UK City of Culture during the bidding process in 2019. Along with local customer XL Motors and locally based motor manufacturer PSA we became 2021 Club Members supporting the successful bid. Another local customer Listers and motor manufacturer JLR were Bid Development Sponsors.

Coventry’s year as UK City of Culture will start on 15th May 2021 when they will be presenting a celebratory moment to be enjoyed from home; a moment for the city to mark the start of the year, delivered under lockdown restrictions.

From the 17th May the organisers will be presenting a significant festival of street art and a series of surprising shop windows to welcome visitors as they start to return to the City Centre, alongside a range of events from partner organisations, including the Belgrade Theatre, the 2Tone exhibition at the Herbert Art Gallery & Museum and Warwick Arts Centre.

The signature event, Coventry Moves, will now take place on 5th June. This key event will kick-start a “Summer of Surprises”, a programme of outdoor events across the city that will include previously announced events such as Tides Within Us, a stunning outdoor experience in Charterhouse Heritage Park, a celebration of community radio and a major Sound Systems event celebrating Coventry’s rich cultural links with Kingston, Jamaica.

First tickets for Coventry UK City of Culture 2021 events - on sale!

The first tickets for the events went on sale Friday 30 April, for Coventry’s year as UK City of Culture 2021 which kicks off on 15 May 2021. More than 55,000 tickets will be available to buy for 15 events via the Coventry City of Culture website

The events take place at seven different venues across the city and represent around 3,500 individual admission times or shows. This is the first on sale date for UK City of Culture 2021 with further tickets being released throughout the year and into 2022.

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