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Scangrip UV LED Gun

SKU SG03.5803UK

Scangrip UV LED Gun paint curing lamp is the latest paint curing technology from Scangrip. This is the biggest lamp in their range and is designed to cure a large surface area. From 10cm off the panel the lamp will cure and approx. area of 250cmsq but held at 56cm off the panel the area is increased to 3600cmsq. Included in the kit is the UV Gun with rechargeable SPS 12v 8Ah Li-ion battery, SPS charger, UV protective glasses, hard glasses case and ripstop nylon carrying bag with shoulder strap. The UV Gun operates at 395-400nm UV peak wavelength ideally suited to cure UV primer coats in just 1 minute. The lamp does not generate heat to the panel allowing even plastic parts and panels to be cured in only a minutes ready to prepare for colour.

The Scangrip 3 year warranty gives added peace of mind that you are buying one of the best lamps on the market that will give you many years of paint curing.

Watch Scangrip's video by following this link: