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Koch-Chemie Polish System, 250ml


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Koch-Chemie Polish System includes 250ml versions of:

  • Koch-Chemie H9 Heavy Cut Compound: This is the very latest version of H9 from Koch-Chemie H9.02 Heavy Cut Compound is an innovative machine polish designed to rework heavily-weathered paintwork. H9.02 works to eliminate deep scratches and effectively remove paint mists and sanding traces up to 1200g. This compound is characterised by its extremely homogeneous abrasive grain, helping you to achieve an extremely high level of cut and an excellent gloss level. Its formula allows the product to be in use for prolonged periods without sticking and with low dust formation. Perfect for use on all types of paint (both soft and scratch-proof).
  • Koch-Chemie F6 Fine Cut Compound: Koch-Chemie F6.01 Fine Cut Compound is designed to completely remove wash system scratches and similar traces of use, leaving your paintwork with a high gloss finish and a long-lasting deep sheen. This clever polish made with unique aluminium oxide quality is part of the latest generation of machine polishes. The intelligent grain size works quickly and efficiently on scratches and marks, making the removal of sanding marks up to 2500g effortless. Perfect to recondition medium to heavily-weathered paintwork. Ideal for treating scratch-proof paint.
  • Koch-Chemie M3 Micro Cut Compound: Koch-Chemie M3.02 Micro Cut Compound is designed to permanently remove streaks, holograms, fine scratches and sanding marks to P3000g on all paint systems (including scratch-resistant). This latest generation machine micro-polish is made with highly specialised and extremely homogenous abrasive bodies which help to create an excellent permanent high gloss finish, even on darker and similarly sensitive paint colours. With the assistance of this polishing compound, holograms and fine scratches are completely and mechanically eliminated - not just covered up. M3.02 is extremely economical, easy to polish, as well as being removable without traces being left behind.
  • Koch-Chemie P3 Micro Cut And Finish Compound: Koch-Chemie P3.01 Micro Cut and Finish Compound is used for the permanent removal of holograms, streaks, fine scratches and sanding marks to P3000 grain size, on all paint systems. It works as a long-term seal with a high-gloss finish and smoothness, even on dark and sensitive shades. It’s economical, easy to polish and easy to remove. Contains Carnauba wax and non-fugitive silicones. For optimum results, we recommend you use this polishing compound with the Koch-Chemie Micro Cut Pad.