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Smart Express Interior Repair System


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New and comprehensive leather and vinyl system, the most complete kit on the SMART repair market.

This kit includes* the following items:

1 litre Flex base

1 litre Hard base

1 litre High gloss

1 litre Low gloss

100ml Crosslinker

8oz Black pigmant

8oz White pigmant

8oz Red oxide pigmant

8oz Yellow oxide pigmant

8oz Lemon yellow pigmant

8oz Tangerine pigmant

8oz Scarlet pigmant

8oz Bright red pigmant

8oz Ruby pigmant

8oz Burgundy pigmant

8oz Brick pigmant

8oz Purple pigmant

8oz Blue pigmant

8oz Green pigmant

1 litre Interior cleaner

1 litre Interior prep

250ml Leather conditioner

4oz Leather crack fill

4oz Vinyl repair compound

Vinyl mesh

250ml Overspray remover

250ml Water based spray grain

X2 Preval spray unit

X3 Plastic bottle for preval

X3 Unique stitch Linen sub patch

12 inch x 12 inch Soldering iron

Cold block Foam brushes

X4 Yellow spreader

X2 Finger sanding pad

Pallet knife 100/127

Pallet knife 100/128

Clean sponges

X3 Turbo mixing paddle

X10 Gliptone leather repair gun

Gliptone latex twin tube

Pack 5 mixing tips



PTFE glass coated sheet

4X4 Case

New 66 colour chips

Training manual

Colour formulation guide

*kit contents may vary.