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Indasa Autogloss High Gloss Compound (1kg)

by Indasa
SKU 578124

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Indasa Autogloss High-Gloss Plus Compound is the ultimate gloss enhancer. Formulated with advanced polish technology, this compound provides rapid gloss enhancement with no excessive dusting or splatter. Removes fine sanding scratches and helps to refresh aged paintwork. 

The special formula has a long drying time which makes it easier to clean up and provides a longer working time. Contains no fillers resulting in no shrink back.

VOC compliant - environmentally and user friendly and compliant. Silicone free formula safe for bodyshop usage.

  • Colour: White
  • Density: 1,01 g/cm³
  • Viscosity: 13000-18000 mPa s
  • VOC: 136,377 g/l
  • pH Value: 8
  • Flashpoint: 61°C
  • Shelf Life: 24 months
  • Size: 1 kg