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Windscreen Repair Training Course

Duration: 1 Day

If we do not have a training course available on the dates you wish to book, please send us an email and we can either try and arrange something, or will let you know when one becomes available. 

Repairing a windscreen, rather than replacing one, is cost effective, saves on down time and prevents further damage from occurring. A typical repair uses less than £2.00 in materials and on average, takes 20 minutes to complete, after which the customer is free to drive away. Having a chipped windscreen repaired also prevents it from spreading into a larger crack that will later require the whole screen to be replaced.

Bullseyes, star breaks and combination breaks can all be repaired. These repairs are far more than cosmetic; as well as keeping the vehicle in an ‘as new condition’ we show you how to carry out repairs to meet BS 242 and be acceptable for the MOT test. All laminated windscreens, clear or tinted, heated or unheated, can be repaired in cars, coaches and commercial vehicles. Windscreens are repaired in-situ: so there are none of the problems such as water leaks that are often associated with windscreen replacement. Plus, of course, repairs are the preferred choice of the major insurance companies.

The ability to carry out windscreen repairs can be sold as an added value service to an existing customer base, giving bodyshops the potential to increase their revenue on each job.

Course Content

This course is designed to provide you with the understanding and essential techniques for repairing damaged windscreens successfully and confidently.

Module 1

  • Health and Safety
  • Maintain the health and safety of individuals.
  • Minimise injury to individuals and damage to property.     

Module 2

  • Equipment Awareness
  • Introduction to equipment.
  • Maintenance of equipment.

Module 3

  • Bullseye Repair
  • Understanding of the break.
  • Procedures for successful repair.
  • Hands on practical skills.

Module 4

  • Starbreak Repair
  • Understanding of the break.
  • Procedures for successful repair.
  • Hands on practical skills.

Module 5

  • Crack Repair
  • Understanding of the break.
  • Procedures for successful repair.
  • Hands on practical skills.

Module 6

  • Hints, Tips & Troubleshooting
  • Understanding other variations of damage and repairing them.
  • Overcoming potential problems.

Module 7

  • Quality Standards on Repairs
  • Understanding BS 242.
  • Understanding BSAU 251.
  • Understanding MOT requirements.

Module 8

  • Delivery of Customer Service
  • Determine the feasibility of repair.
  • Correctly informing customer on repair expectations.
  • Information on admin requirements.

Certificate of Candidate on Windscreen Repairing

Candidate must demonstrate and successfully repair a damage for the assessor.

Candidate must answer correctly minimum 75% on written assessment.

Customer Feedback

Had a great day; the staff made me feel welcome from the minute I got here. The trainer made everything clear and easy to understand, definitely money well spent." Darren Whitehead 


All Smart Express Training is carried out at our facility, Eyebox in Coventry, developed to deliver a collection of SMART repair training courses, with IMI & ATA qualifications available.

Booking by phone

If you would like to book by phone please call us on 0333 222 9943.

*Morelli Points cannot be spent or earned on Training Courses. 

Prior to the Course

Please complete this questionnaire before attending the course.