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Slim's Master Detailing Course

Our sister website, Slim's Detailing, offer a training course on becoming a master detailer.

Duration: 3 Days

Training Course Day 1 | 9.30am
Module One: Cleaning, Decontamination & Preparatory Work

• Induction to the Centre
• Cleaning, Decontamination & Preparatory Work
• Costing appraisal
• Washing (Using Gtechniq & Swissvax wash ranges)
• Pre-wash (Snow foam)
• Manual "two-bucket" method with safe wash mitt
• Claying.
• Tar removal
• Iron & fall out removers
• Cleaning door-shuts
• Safe Car Drying with towels

11am Morning break

• Engine bay detailing
• Wheels-off detailing

1pm Lunch

• Interior (Using Gtechniq cleaners & sealants)
• Interior, plastics & rubber
• Fabric cleaning and sealant protection
• Leather cleaning and sealant protection

Day one course summary - Finish 4pm

Training Course Day 2 | 9.00am
Module Two: Understanding of Paint, Correction, Enhancement and Rotary/Dual-Action Machine Polishing

• Paint correction

11am Morning break

• Rotary Polisher Tuition - (Using the Flex 150pe Rotary Polisher & Koch Chemie Compound and Polish Range)
• Paintwork inspection
• Paint enhancement
• Polish application
• Swirl and surface scratch removal

1pm Lunch break

• Wet sanding & orange peel removal - covering 2000, 2500 & 3000 grit papers for scratch removal.
• Referral back to paint correction process to bring paint back to a shine

Day two summary - Finish 4pm

Training Course Day 3 | 9.00am
Final module: Finishing touches - (Using Gtechniq Sealants & Swissvax Wax)

• Removal of masking tape. Application of panel wipe to remove any remaining residue and dust
• Paint sealant application techniques, problem rectification & buffing
• Wax application techniques & buffing
• Tyre Dressing
• Glass Cleaning

11am Morning break

• Course Summary
• 30 minute question & answer theory exam

1pm Lunch break

• Candidate summary and course completion

Slim's Detailing Student Attendee Pack*

All attendees of the Slim's Detailing academy will receive a gift box of products and Slim's Merch when attending the course. This pack will be subject to change, but will include:
• Slim's Detailing Academy t-shirt (available S-XXL) - Limited Edition to course attendees only.
• Slim's Detailing Kit Bag
• Set of three vehicle quality Qualified Master Detailer vinyl graphics. 1 x A5 and 3 x A6.
• Slim's Dual Action Trigger Spray
• Slim's Mug and assorted giveaways, subject to availability.
• Slim's Three Bucket Method sticker pack.
• Five chemical products from our supplies, this will vary from kit to kit and will include a product from Chemical Guys, Fictech, Koch Chemie, Malco and a bonus product from one of our other suppliers.

*The kit pictured is subject to change and will vary from the one shown. Slim's retains the right to change contents at any time but the value of the products will remain the same to all attendees of the Master Detailer course. No product given as part of this kit can be exchanged or returned, only the t-shirt size can be specified when receiving the kit.

For full details, including in-depth module descriptions, location and costs, visit