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The Detailing Essentials

If you're looking to try something new from the experts but have no clue where to start, why not have a look at the basics to get started?

The History Behind Slim's Detailing

In 2014, Slim’s Detailing had been established in honour of a man whose vision for quality lives on in his cars and his business which started trading over 50 years ago – our founder, Challoner 'Slim' Moring. Our sister company have also been inspired by anybody who has a car they love and care for, and our motto in business remains the same, as Slim would say, "It's all about the details".

As the official UK distributor for several popular detailing brands, our journey over the past 10 years has guided detailers, hobbyists and everybody inbetween to top-quality products that our own Master Detailers put to the test inhouse. As our founder's motto states, it's all in the details.

With two instore locations and the ability to shop online, detailing customers can choose how and when they like to buy their kit. Slim's Enfield is located at Morelli Head Office in Enfield, with an array of products on offer to those who walk in. The Slim's Coventry branch is also home to the Training Academy, where detailers old or new can learn the ins and outs of detailing with an IMI accreditation to go with it!

Whether a beginner or a detailing veteran, Slim's caters for all. From microfibre cloths to detailing stools, Slim's is the go-to for what you need.