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Slim’s Paintwork Polishing and Ceramic Coatings IMI PAC

Paintwork Polishing and Ceramic Coatings PAC (3 day)

Module 1

An in depth course on preparing a car for coatings and applying the coatings. The delegate will learn about paint surface preparation with instruction about different vehicle manufacturers and various paint film. Using a paint depth gauge areas of the vehicle will be checked to identify repairs and areas of concern.

Once the vehicle has been inspected the different polishers and polishing systems are discussed, the importance of using the right combinations and what can be achieved. Application and usage of the products and benefits of the different pad and compound combinations.

Once all aspects of the polishers and combinations have been discussed the products are put to use and different combinations are used. Removal of top coat inclusions using final glaze and swirl hologram removal ready for coatings. Inspecting work and using colour check lights as part of the process.


Module 2

Overview of the ceramic coating systems available and choosing the right products for you or your customers paintwork and making sure the best finish can be attained.

Vehicle panel surface check and summary of course with practical test.

IMI Slim’s PAC Course Costings

IMI Polishing & Ceramic Coatings PAC £1,200.00 + VAT, for the three day course.

An additional cost of £69 is charged for the registration and IMI PAC Certificate on completion of the course.

A lunch is included in the cost of each days training attended.