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Plastic Repair Training Course

Duration: 1 Day

If we do not have a training course available on the dates you wish to book, please send us an email and we can either try and arrange something, or will let you know when one becomes available. 

As motor manufacturers continue to use plastics in an increasing number of applications including wings and tailgates, the need for today’s bodyshop to learn the techniques required to repair these panels has never been more important.

The Plastic Repair Course is one of the most comprehensive training programmes available, covering cold welding, hot welding and hot staple welding.

Cold welding or gluing, can be reinforced by applying a mesh to the rear of the damaged area, provides a fast repair cost effective repair. Hot welding, utilising heat guns and soldering irons can be used to repair bumper spoilers and even headlamps.

Hot staple welding enables a strong repair to be carried out without the need to remove damaged parts to gain access to the rear of the damaged area. As the plastic is heated, a metal staple is embedded into the damaged area, bridging the split. Once the plastic has cooled the prongs of the staple are ground off, prior to filling and painting.

The Smart Express Plastic Repair Course contains all of the sections below with emphasis on realistic practical, hands-on experience in mastering the many repair methods.

Course Content

  • Introduction.
  • Health and safety briefing.
  • Colour and texture identification.
  • Explanation on the equipment used for plastic repairs.
  • Explanation of the products used in plastic repairs.
  • Practical preparation of cleaning plastics for repairing.
  • Practical preparation of the plastic for filling.
  • Practical use of products for priming/texturing and colouring.
  • Procedures for Identifying Types of Plastics
  • Tools to use.
  • Materials.
  • Techniques.

Prior to the Course

Please complete this questionnaire before attending the course. 

Customer Feedback

“My training exceeded expectations & I feel confident to continue with my training on my own due to the high level of input from my tutor. Very informative and patient - highly recommended." Darren McNabb


All Smart Express Training is carried out at our facility, Eyebox in Coventry, developed to deliver a collection of SMART repair training courses, with IMI & ATA qualifications available.

Booking by phone

If you would like to book by phone please call us on 0333 222 9943.

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