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The Detailing Essentials

If you're looking to try something new from the experts but have no clue where to start, why not have a look at the basics to get started?

The History Behind Malco Automotive

Malco Automotive is an American brand who pride themselves on being "the detailing choice of the pros", which is a promising slogan for the well-known and well-used name. The company have seen a lot within the 70 years they have been in business for – going from a small single-plant operation to a global multi-plant manufacturing company!

Malco was founded in 1953 by 25-year-old chemist Murray Glauberman, who started as a manufacturer of Janitorial and Industrial Speciality Chemicals – known today as professional automotive and janitorial cleaning products. Murray's father Abe joined the fresh-faced company shortly after, along with Murray's brother Lionel who joined in 1960. So, where did the name Malco come from? Malco is named after the trio that started it all: Murray, Abe, and Lionel – spelling out the MAL, followed by the abbreviation for company: CO.

Much like Morelli, Malco has been a family business right from the start – all the way up until now! To date, Malco is a fourth-generation family business led by Seth Glauberman and Lauren Osina (Glauberman), Murray's grandchildren.

Today, as we know it, Malco is a global manufacturer of professional-grade and specialty chemical products, for not only the automotive market, but also the marine, motorhome, and household cleaning markets. Committed to provide high-quality product performance and supply-chain consistency and reliability, everything that Malco does serves the purpose of being the customers' best partner.