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Key Services

Morelli & Co. started in 1957 when Slim Moring moved from repairing cars to selling Valentines paint to accident repairers in North London. His main drive was to improve on the poor service he had received as a repairer and his early motto was “your stock is at the end of your telephone”. From day one he offered daily deliveries a big improvement on the weekly service offered by others at the time. Today the Morelli Group are the UK’s leading independent automotive supplier with a national annual turnover of £40m. Morelli Group has developed a strategically placed national network able to provide its customers with outstanding service, whatever their needs working with motor manufacturers, accident management companies and other industry experts to help them discover new opportunities in both existing and new marketplaces, and to develop these opportunities into game-changing projects aimed at helping their customers stay ahead of the competition.


Quantum & Phocas

Quantum is a cost reduction programme based upon product selection, pricing and usage, data is collated and referenced to the amount of work carried out by the bodyshop to form KPI’s. In addition, there is a “”handicapping”” system which ensures consistency and allows data to be shared between bodyshops, particularly useful for bodyshop groups. The Quantum process consists of eleven modules, results can be significant as can the savings to the customer. The bodyshop performance is established over the previous 12 months, including setting the handicap or adjusted labour rate for bench-marking purposes. Once complete, the figures are examined and analysis begins, with target figures agreed along with a core product list and pricing. The programme is then run for the initial month and figures are assessed by the Regional Business Manager and Morelli Technician to establish an action plan and set 3 to 6 month targets. Once the target figure is reached the data is continually monitored to ensure figures do not drift and new efficiencies can be set. Quantum data is collected using Phocas, a leading e-business software solution providing in depth information on our customers purchases. The information allows expenditure to be appropriately categorised, ensuring that when calculating paint and dry goods profitability only the relevant items are included in the equation. Additionally inappropriate expenditure can be identified, such as excess of purchasing of a group of products might be identified which would also be picked up by the Quantum.


Technical Support

Our Technical Team are all IMI accredited (formerly ATA) and are fully trained across all paint brands and major ancillary suppliers product ranges. They perform installations alongside our paint partners and then support and manage our customers technical needs post installation on an ongoing basis. All visits are recorded and training documents completed are logged for activities and action points to be followed up. The Technicians can provide detailed audits, covering all aspects of the repair process. Ongoing recommendations and subsequent training programmes are written for customers and form the basis of a structured plan to impact on the efficiencies, throughput and bottom line profit of the bodyshop. Structured training programmes are introduced in conjunction with the Paint Company Technician and dry goods manufacturers. Individually written product profiles are tailored to meet the customer needs and the TSR acts in a supplier co-ordination role, overseeing the training programmes.


Commercial Vehicle

Our CV and specialist coatings division respond to the needs of our customers with the highest levels of support through several of the world’s leading suppliers of paints for the commercial and industrial sectors who recognise our position as a leading supplier in this field. Our focus is on delivering systems that will enhance the throughput management of the workshop which is essential to retain profitability within this market sector. Whether it is a small repair or a total fleet repaint programme our CV team is your single source for information and advice. Contact for more details.


Sub Stockists & Trade Portal

Morelli supply some of the leading paint brands such as Glasurit, R-M, Cromax, Spies Hecker, Standox, PPG and DeBeer along with leading consumable brands 3M, More Tools, Perfection, Slim’s, Teroson, Farecla, Upol, Mirka and Indasa to name just a few. As the largest independent supplier to the bodyshop customer in the UK we are able to offer attractive and flexible buying terms to top up or supply a one stop shop to sub stockists and smaller distributors who may not be able to hit minimum order quantities or want to buy complete units when one box will do to fulfil an order. Our sub stockists enjoy agreed discount terms and are able to purchase product singularly or by the unit if preferred. Orders are placed via the Morelli online trade portal showing cost and availability of each item offering perfect clarity to the user. Why not contact our purchasing team for more details:



The export market for bodyshop paint and consumables is subject to international currency fluctuations and many other factors. Our leading paint products such as Glasurit, R-M, Cromax, Spies Hecker, Standox, PPG and DeBeer can sometimes offer an opportunity to supply at attractive prices to different locations across the globe. Some of our leading consumable brands such as 3M, Perfection, More Tools, Slim’s, Teroson, Farecla, Upol, Mirka and Indasa can also present an opportunity to trade with Morelli as can some of our equipment products that we import to the UK. As the largest independent supplier to the bodyshop customer in Britain we are able to offer attractive discounts to top up or supply a one stop shop to international stockists.

Our international customers enjoy agreed discounts and are able to purchase product singularly or by the unit if preferred. Why not contact our purchasing team for more details: