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The Repair Essentials

If you're looking to get stuck in but have no clue where to start, why not have a look at the basics to get started?

The History Behind ESPRIT

ESPRIT's journey began in 1982, when they developed the first successful windscreen repair system. This system was effective because of its simple bonding process, using clear resin to fill in the chips typically caused by the throwing force of stone when driving. But it was not just the simplicity that made this system such a success: the convenience of a 30-minute cure time was one of the properties that drew this into an easy winning system, restoring the glass to 90% of its original standard in little to no time at all.

Prior to this system, laminated glass windshields were replaced often in order to maintain a clear field of vision - this is not only costly for all parties involved, but also very time consuming and typically a waste! Windshields were being discarded left and right for the safety of the occupant due to the nature of windshield cracks, such as the "star break": this crack would be small and star-shaped initially but would likely spread over the entirety of the windshield over time.

With credit to ESPRIT's forward thinking, drivers have been able to keep the same windshield in decent condition for years; drivers are able to pay for the occasional chip repair that will last them a little bit longer, and saves them significant amounts of money by not forking out on a brand new windshield for every chip and small crack that surfaces!

We at Morelli Group, along with many large businesses, pride ourselves on the privilege to provide customers with the highest quality repair system on the market... from individual products and tools, to the full kit for the regular restorer, windscreen repairers are in great hands with ESPRIT.