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The History Behind Anest Iwata

Anest Iwata are a Japanese brand who strive on their corporate motto "Makoto no Kokoro", translating to "Trustworthy and Sincere". This company have been very lucky to be involved in the many firsts in Japan, manufacturing products such as spray guns and air compressors, both of which had (and have) fiercely competitive markets.

The owners were brothers Hatsutaro and Sukezo Iwata who rented a small corner of a factory in Toyosawa, Shibuya Ward on 1st May 1926. This is where they started a small manufacturing operation named Iwata Seisakusho with just two used lathes. Making & selling the first spraygun made in Japan took a lot of time and resources, leaving their funds nearly depleted around 6 months after they received the order from Mizushima Shokai, a company that sold foreign cars.

In 1957, the duo made a decision regarding their limited partnership as a result of their capital of less than 4.5 million yen and the settlement tax exceeding 100 million yen: long story short, it was unrealistic and a lot of money! Instead the Iwata brothers hit a new milestone and established a new incorporated company named Iwata Air Compressor Manufacturing Co. Ltd. in April 1957.

Being the 70th year of its founding, 1996 was a big year for the company as they had unveiled a new corporate identity, changing the company name to ANEST IWATA Corporation - ANEST being an abbreviation, standing for "Active & Newest Technology". Today as we know it, the company produces and sells their products in 22 countries and regions to cater to the global market.