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12 Items

12 Items

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  1. Farecla Advanced G-Matt Flatting Liquid
    Advanced G-Matt Flatting Liquid
    £12.16 £10.13
  2. Farecla Backing Plate (14mm)
    Backing Plate (14mm)
    £8.41 £7.01
  3. Farecla G-Mop Compound Velcro Head
    G-Mop Compound Velcro Head
    £13.22 £11.02
  4. Farecla G-Mop Polishing Velcro Head (x2)
    G-Mop Polishing Velcro Head (x2)
    £18.01 £15.01
  5. Farecla Autopen
    £4.03 £3.36
  6. Farecla G10 Extra Fine Compound
    G10 Extra Fine Compound
    £23.95 £19.96
  7. Farecla G3 Liquid Compound (1lt)
    G3 Liquid Compound (1lt)
    £23.48 £19.57
  8. Farecla G3 Compound 3kg
    G3 Compound 3kg
    £36.53 £30.44
  9. G-Mop Compounding Head 14mm
    G-Mop Compounding Head 14mm
    £7.40 £6.17
  10. Mini Compound Heads (x5)
    Mini Compound Heads (x5)
    £12.72 £10.60
  11. Farecla Smart Repair Polishing Foam (x5)
    Smart Repair Polishing Foam (x5)
    £19.80 £16.50
  12. Farecla Dry Use Compounding Foam
    Dry Use Compounding Foam
    £19.63 £16.36
12 Items

12 Items

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View our wide selection of Farecla products below, including polish and compounds. We have a mobile nationwide technical team, and telephone assistance. We provide the most comprehensive product support in the market. If you have any questions about our products or require immediate technical assistance please call our dedicated team on 0333 222 9943.
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