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  • from £1.81

    StarChem Rubber Spreader - Soft


    Small stopper rubber applicator with a flat leading edge to give a superior finish. 2 sizes available: 76mm x 50mm x 4mm 100mm x 60mm x 4mm

    from £1.81
  • £14.56

    StarChem Trimming Knives, Pack of 10


    Pack of 10 trimming blades.

  • from £1.84

    StarChem Touch-Up Artist Paint Brush


    Touch-up artist paint brush for small areas such as stone chips. Available in four sizes.

    from £1.84
  • £53.46

    StarChem Set of 24 Artist Paint Brushes


    Set of 24 artist paint brushes. Mixed sizes for touching up stonechips and other minor damage.

  • £22.20

    StarChem Pack of 50 Cup Lids, 1300ml


    Pack of 50 cup lids for 1300ml mixing pots.

  • £45.38

    StarChem Pack 100 Premium Paint Strainers 190 Micron Filter


    Pack 100 premium nylon paint strainers 190 micron filter to strain paints. 

  • from £1.21

    StarChem Snap Off Knife


    Snap off knife with retractable blade. Choose between the 9mm or 18mm width blade.

    from £1.21
  • £45.34

    StarChem 100 Lids for 600cc Plastic Cups


    Plastic lids compatible with 600cc plasic cups. Pack of 100 lids.

  • from £55.44

    StarChem Tacky Surface Coating


    Tacky surface coating is clear and water-based and can be applied by spraying through a large nozzle, pain roller, or by using a brush.

    from £55.44