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Presta Fast Wax VOC Compliant

by Presta
SKU P134132

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A breathable, liquefied paste wax that forms a protective coating on painted surfaces. An easy-on, easy-off formula with the ability to wax an average size car in about 45 minutes or less! Containing premium natural and synthetic ingredients, this wax adds paste wax protection with liquid wax ease.

Provides a brilliant, high-gloss shine and 30-60 days of protection - based on your climate and driving habits. Ideal for automotive and marine applications.

For best results, we recommend applying on a cool car in the shade. Though it still comes off easy on hot surfaces in direct sunlight! Treat the entire vehicle before wiping off. It can even be applied over 24-hour old coat and single stage paints, because its breathable film allows solvents from fresh paint and clears to escape.

Presta's best selling wax! With confidence that you'll be hooked after just one use!