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Koch-Chemie Alkaline Cleaners

  • from £6.86

    Koch-Chemie GS Green Star Universal Cleaner

    Koch Chemie

    Koch-Chemie Green Star is a highly concentrated alkaline based universal cleaner which is phosphate- and solvent-free. Ideal for use on car interio...

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    from £6.86
  • from £9.64

    Koch Chemie MZR Interior & Special Cleaner

    Koch Chemie

    Koch Chemie Mehrzweckreiniger (literally translating as multi-purpose cleaner) is specifically an interior and specialist cleaner for deep and thor...

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    from £9.64
  • from £8.46

    Koch-Chemie PO Pol Star Textile & Leather Cleaner

    Koch Chemie

    Koch-Chemie PO Pol Star is an effective neutral cleaner with protection formula. It cleans and protects without leaving behind any watermarks, and ...

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    from £8.46