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  • £6.60

    Slim's Detailing 1lt Dual Action Trigger Sprayer

    Slim's Detailing

    This dual action trigger spray not only sprays when the trigger is pressed, but also on release, applying twice as much product in one pull of the ...

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  • £5.40

    Perfection Rubber Stripe Removal Wheel

    Morelli Group

    Ideal for removing pinstripes or double sided tape from panel prior to refinishing. Cleans effectively without damaging paintwork when used with a ...

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  • £46.64

    Indasa MBX Replacement Eraser Wheel


    Indasa MBX Replacement Eraser Wheel is designed to remove vinyl stripes from paintwork without damaging the existing paint. To be used with Indasa ...

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  • £987.60

    More Tools Unic Water and Solvent Spray Gun Cleaner

    More Tools

    A portable cleaning system for the cleaning of spray guns with solvent or water based cleaning products. Perfectly suitable for use with mobile rep...

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  • £810.00

    More Tools Gun Washer 20L Tank

    More Tools

    Air powered Gun washer / recycler. Can wash two guns per wash cycle. Can be used with either solvent or water based paints.