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Baileys Fibreglass Flowcoat Brilliant White

SKU BA-016

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Baileys Fibreglass Flowcoat Brilliant White is a premium white polyester flowcoat with MEKP catalyst in 1kg and 500g sizes.

A standard viscosity white isophthalic brushing polyester flowcoat that is high grade and UV stabilised.

Generally used as a white all-purpose topcoat for use in GRP constructions to obscure fibre from lamination and improve the overall finish. Best applied with a has excellent opacity & whiteness.and exhibits excellent weathering properties and water resistance, Used as a final surface coat, dries tack free.

Application should be in a workshop with temperatures between 16 - 23°C and requires the addition of 2% medium activity MEKP for a sufficient cure. Gel time approximately 15 minutes with a touch cure time of less than 90 minutes, dependant on conditions.