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Morelli Group Become Exclusive UK Distributor for Ngenco Product

Morelli Group Become Exclusive UK Distributor for Ngenco Product

Morelli Group have signed an agreement with Ngenco to distribute their leading range of paint protection products. Ngenco is the world’s leading formulator and manufacturer of professional grade removable coatings. Their Crystal Clear and OEM Colour Change is the only Paint Protection System (PPS) designed as an invisible, durable, and safe method of protecting automotive paintwork and carbon fibre. The unrivalled formula, with outstanding clarity, is available in high-gloss, satin or matte.

The Ngenco product is

  • Invisible to the naked eye, no joins or edges
  • Offers complete coverage
  • Preserves the integrity of existing paintwork
  • Will not lift
  • Retains gloss levels with hydrophobic beading
  • Provides 250+ micron of protection, more than the original paint layer
  • Can be machine polished and detailed
  • Offers an amount of self-healing from minor scratching
  • Has a 5-year guarantee 

The professional grade removable coatings are produced in the UK to exacting standards ensuring a high-quality finish every time. All vehicles are vulnerable to stone chips when in normal use, the paintwork is under threat from what the road throws up on our daily journey. With Ngenco applied to your vehicle, you will no longer have to fear every little bit of road debris that inevitably impacts the paint, you can have peace of mind knowing that the existing finish is seamlessly protected. Helping to prevent any lasting paintwork damage and declining residual value.

Once professionally applied, Ngenco protects against:

  • Stone chips
  • Scratches
  • UV Yellowing and fading
  • Bird lime etching and insect damage
  • Road salt



Additionally, Ngenco is the world’s first spray-on PPS designed and developed for professional temporary colour changes, available in thousands of OEM colours.

Vehicles can be customised with elaborate designs, colourful accents, or, of course, an entire vehicle colour transformation including wheels and callipers. Consistent with their crystal-clear protection, these finishes can be high-gloss, satin, or matte finish. The innovative removability of Ngenco means that, when required, the vehicle can be reverted back to its original colour and finish with zero damage.

Ngenco Corporate from Morelli Group on Vimeo.


To enquire about applying Ngenco products as a professional installer

Pete Wain: 07710 017392 |

To find out more about Ngenco products visit

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