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Morelli Group Acquires Coachfinish Ltd in Belfast

Morelli Group Acquires Coachfinish Ltd in Belfast

The acquisition of Coachfinish completes Morelli Group’s national footprint in the UK.

The Directors of Morelli Group, the UK’s largest independent distributor of refinish products and services, are pleased to announce that we have acquired Coachfinish NI Ltd, Northern Ireland’s premier refinish distributor.

The official announcement was made to staff of both businesses last week and the official start date is 1st June 2023. The move to acquire Coachfinish NI Ltd, a long established and profitable family business, first started at the end of 2022 as Morelli sought to extend their footprint into Northern Ireland as part of its strategic growth plans.

Ruth Moring-Beale, Morelli’s Director for Strategy and Growth, says:

“Coachfinish and the Kidd family have very similar values and outlook to the Morelli Group and we both felt that this strategic partnership would benefit both organisations in equal measure. The Kidd family along with Eddie Craig and their sales team will continue to run the business as they have done so successfully for 62 years, but with the advantages of being part of a wider organisation with our extensive support services and wide product portfolio. Coachfinish and its wide range of products across different market sectors also provides Morelli with opportunities to grow in adjacent markets which we are very excited about.”

Graham Parker, Morelli Group Managing Director, comments:

“The acquisition of Coachfinish fits Morelli Group’s strategy to complete our coverage of the UK. It will allow us to supply our major group and OEM clients uniformly across the entire UK, providing consistent products and services whilst also being able to bring these services to other clients in the Northern Irish market. Additionally, it will provide a platform for further growth with our key supplier partners.”

Gary Kidd, Managing Director of Coachfinish NI Ltd. adds:

“After 62 years, across three generations, Coachfinish is moving into a new chapter. With shared customer centric values, Morelli Group, together with Coachfinish, will continue to grow and satisfy our customer requirements. It’s business as usual for our customers with the family and our team committed to continuing to provide the best-in-class service we are renowned for. We are excited to be working with the Morelli team to deliver enhancements from their wide portfolio of services and extensive product range which will complement what we currently offer. Morelli is a family business with more than 65 years of history, and we share core values and an understanding of the market that is rare to find nowadays.”

Gary will continue as Business Director, Northern Ireland from 1st June.

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