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England's First Closed Road Rally | Essex

England's First Closed Road Rally | Essex

This weekend Corbeau Seats are holding England’s first closed road rally in Tendring and Clacton, organised by Chelmsford Motor Club. It’s an event that’s been met with mixed emotions. Excitement from those taking part and attending to watch, and apprehension from the residents that live along the rally route.

There will be five different Special Stages, each one will be run three times, totalling 45 miles. With over 100 cars participating, each one will set off at 30 second intervals from each other and will be timed over the duration of the course. The winner will be the driver with the best time across all stages combined.

While it’s too late to enter as a driver, or put your name down to volunteer at the event, you can certainly go along to watch. The rally is taking place this Sunday (22nd April 2018) in Clacton. The event organisers have set up a website with all the information you need to plan your day, including the best spots to head to watch the race. There are two official spectator spots on, Ship Hill and Wick Road. You can find full details on how to get to these viewing zones and times, on the Corbeau Seats website here.

Image Source: Daniel, Pexels

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