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Presta Ultra 3000 Hand Glaze

by Presta
SKU P130232

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A breathable, easy-on, easy-off hand or machine-applied finishing glaze. Formulated to enhance the beauty of both old and new painted surfaces. Removing minor scratches and swirl marks, this glaze is specially used for producing protective, glass-like finishes on all acrylic lacquers, urethanes, enamels and base/clear coat finishes.

For optimum results, use with Presta white foam pads. Shake well before use. Ensure the surface is clean, cool and dry. If applying by hand, apply the glaze with a clean terry cloth or wax applicator pad. Next, leave treated areas dry to a light haze, then wipe surface with a micro-fibre cloth. This product dries quickly, so if required, add more product to the paintwork or mist with Presta Spray 'N Shine.

If applying by machine, apply a 1inch dab of the glaze onto a rotary or orbital polisher with a Presta White Foam Quik-Pad.

Silicone-free, safe to use on fresh paint.